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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

A Gift! Work for God

© 2011 Grace Ste. Croix

January 11, 2011

Too often in our fast paced society, we channel our energy into many things. As our day ends, many of us fleet into exhaustion, either watching television or just heading off to bed. Often times, we have little to no time to sit back and reflect on our lives. Each of us, no matter what our situation, has been given many gifts, but with hectic schedules, we have no time to reflect.

I believe that many people want to pray. We have all been taught specific prayers depending on our religion or beliefs, but do we listen to the words? Do we believe the words we are saying? Do we thank God for the everyday gifts we have received, such as general health, people who love us, or even our lives? The key to stay connected with and to RESTORE our relationship with God is to genuflect our everyday work habits for God.

A single mother who is taking care of many children may show her gratitude by being as patient as possible to raise her children well. A well-respected lawyer may show God gratitude by making sure each case is dealt with the utmost honesty and sincerity, as everyone deserves a fair trial. You will see God’s praise through your hard work and determination, and it will bring you to a higher state, where your mind feels clear and free.

How will God answer you for your hard work? I find it humorous that it is “normal” to pray to God, but if you hear God answer you, its “taboo.” God speaks to us regularly, and shows us love through little symbols. God has no need to give you a huge fireworks display when you have done something right, or fires and brimstone when you do something wrong. If you keep in constant conversation with God, keep the channel of respect and love open, you will see God speak to you through your hard work and determination. It’s as simple as asking God to channel his message through you. Not only is this a beautiful exchange, but you will learn a whole new side to yourself, which may be the answers you are looking for.

Remember we are all given the same few gifts. We have the gift of a body. Ailments or not, we must use this vessel to the best of our ability. Secondly, we are given the gift of thought, keep your mind stimulated, and keep involved in your community, doing well. We are also given empathy, reach out to your fellow-man and help them with your new-found knowledge. Lastly, continue the conversation flowing with God. Set your mind to work for God and make good decisions. Harm no one; try not to judge anyone for their mistakes. Help others up when they fall. God’s messages are always simple, which is what makes them so brilliant.

About Grace Ste. Croix

Grace Ste.Croix is a writer, entrepreneur, personal coach and a motivational speaker in Canada. She writes for a number of international magazines on subjects including personal growth, health and wellness, and current events. Grace’s radio show, “Hear Here” will commence on February 1st, 2011. Visit her at Read more about Grace on the Authors Page

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One Response

  1. Hi Grace,
    Thank you for your post. I truly believe that God’s messages and directions are so Simple!!!
    Thanks for the reminder.

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