SPEAK: Release By the Spirit – A Prayer for Release

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

A Prayer for Release

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

December 31, 2010

There are so many ways to ring in the New Year.  Some will attend parties with close friends and family, while others attend religious services.  Still others may host their own events or simply choose to spend a quiet evening in their home.

Whatever plans you may have, I hope that amidst the celebration, along with the prayers or quietness that you will take a moment to truly and sincerely acknowledge the things you would like to release with love and a new understanding in order to step purposefully into the coming New Year.

There is no need to do this practice with remorse, regret or sorrow.  Rather, we should treat the following meditation as a way to remind ourselves of our greater purpose and desires with excitement, hope and a renewed spirit.

New Year’s Meditation to Speak for Release

As I step boldly into this New Year
I release my hold on those things that have not served me well.

For those that continue to nourish my spirit,
I welcome them forward with me.

For anything that hindered or upset my potential,
I release those things
From my mind,
From the words I speak,
From the space I keep.

I release self-judgment
that would keep me from growth.

I release judgment of others
that would keep me from Love.

I release fear
that would keep me from my potential…

I release excuses
that hinder my willingness to change.

I release blame
that holds both of us shackled to pain.

I release want
in exchange for acknowledgment of the abundance that surrounds me…daily.

I release procrastination
in exchange for making genuine efforts in this moment,
knowing that each attempt builds a bridge to my ultimate purpose.

I release the demands that life go the way I planned
in exchange for the potential that is derived from a beautifully unscripted path.

I release regret,
with the understanding that no mistake is bigger than the grace God grants me.

I release my attachment to set plans and predictability,
and allow the Universe to provide a vivid and imaginative array of life experiences where growth, success, love work together to produce my greater good this year.

If there be any attitude, emotion, fear or desire that keeps me from the Light of Your ultimate Purpose for my Life…these things, I too release to Spirit.

I welcome the New Year with gratitude, releasing all else to Spirit to be healed.



4 Responses

  1. Thank you.I’m gonna try my hardest to get this together a lot of people don’t now just how hard it is to change your life after you have been living a different way all your life.Tell next time much love sisters i’m out.

  2. Selah

  3. Hello my sisters i have been gone for a while but i just came to let you know that i’m still here.I just want you to know that i have been not to long ago told i have diabetes and i have not gottin a handle on how to take care of this thing so in light of your words of the new year i’m going to start trying to get that together before it gets the best of me.I am going to release also and get this together for my life depends on it.Tell next time much loves my sisters i’m out.

    • Hi Denise,
      I am excited about your commitment to health. I found that once I committed myself to health and identified as well as visualized my key aspects to health (i.e. exercising, eating right, praying & meditating, resting, etc.), all the resources and help that I needed to be healthy came to me effortlessly. Now once the resources came, it was up to me to utilize them.

      I wish you all the Best on your road to Restoration and Excellent Health.

      God Bless

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