SPEAK: Release By the Spirit – Release the Root to Start Anew

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

Release the Root to Start Anew

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

December 24, 2010

A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my favorite houseplants had started to wither despite being watered regularly, set in a spacious planter and given proper sunlight.  After weeks of troubleshooting and tending, it became clear that the plant was dying at the root, and the only hope of saving my favorite greenery would be to cut the still thriving part away from its rooted remains and begin the process anew.

We have talked about the importance of roots in our lives before. We know that it sustains us, gives us a direct connection to life.  But what happens when the root itself is failing?  We could spend time trying to find a solution, every thoughtful person should.  But at some point we may realize that the source of our previous foundation, the basis from which we drew our decisions, actions or plans, may no longer serve us as well as we need.

As I cut away the small stalk from its withering bunch, I realized that there is a lot to learn from this process.

Sometimes it is necessary to cut away from something that has sustained us in the past when we realize it is no longer healthy or sustaining us for proper growth. It can be difficult to separate from something that we feel makes up our whole self.   But if something that was once nourishing has now become draining, to continue to demand or expect that it be different risks losing the whole without hope for renewal.  Which is why…

The key is knowing when it is time to release so that there is still room to start anew. How many times have you realized that you stayed in a situation, job, relationship or other experience past its nourishing prime? Afterwards, the regret for what could have been if the decision had been made sooner begins to emerge.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a way to honorably and lovingly release yourself from the root of any circumstance.

I loved my beautiful office plant and did not want to accept its browning stems as a sign for the worse.  I’m sure I waited an extra week at least to admit that my best efforts could not save the plant.  But wishing that I had a healthier plant did not make it so.  And it did not honor how much I loved the plant, or funny enough, how much I wanted to save it.  So I grabbed the garden scissors and snipped the last bright green leafy appendage.  But I did so while also…

Thanking Spirit for the growth, and abundance that came from the whole plant. I blessed the plant as I clipped, acknowledging all of the ways it had brought brightness and peaceful presence to my space.  In much of the same way, we can thank Spirit for the beauty in all of our experiences that must now come to past.  If we focus on what those roots and foundations have meant for our lives, then we will find, as I did, that…

Nothing is truly lost. Your life does not end when you remove yourself from a rooted circumstance or situation.  Your purpose is not daunted because you must re-root yourself, so to speak.  You are no less capable or blessed because you have to start over.  You are not cursed because your roots become weakened, nor are you dead because old parts of you wither away.

When you allow yourself to release your fears, doubts, outdated beliefs, anger, hurt, sadness or even disbelief about changing or letting go of a part of your life that you feel rooted to…then you will truly find the freedom and beauty of life.

I did not lose my plant by cutting it from the root.  I clipped the green, still living remains and set them in fresh clean water to begin to grow new roots.  Today, my favorite plant is still living and preparing for a new life, with new roots that will be just as strong if not stronger than the former.  It sits happily in the kitchen window now, firm and green, the old roots and soil gone away, but still, the strongest, greenest part of it remains.

What? You wanted a sad ending?  Do we want the same for our lives? Well the truth is, root-cutting, uprooting experiences may feel painful at first, they may look scary on the surface, but they are truly life-reviving experiences.

When we are willing to see the value of releasing before all is lost, when we are able to clip away the small thriving pieces of life and place it with new intention and new purpose and our new outlook into richer, wiser and fresher soil…well then we’ve really got something going!

As we come to the end of another year, I’m sure there are many who are reconsidering the roots we currently live with and how well they are sustaining us.  The new year is always a time for great reflection on growth and the time when we are more willing to uproot and start anew.

Begin this week, in preparation for any areas of your life that you are willing to grow anew.  If you’re in the midst of such an experience, be open to the release, thank God for the blessings that came from it all and prepare for the next phase of your life to be firmly rooted in a renewed you!


2 Responses

  1. Love it!!! Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you; for this timely message. May God continue to bless you; nourish your Spirit; and give you wisdom to Speak!

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