SHINE: Release by the Spirit — Release Your Idea of “The Plan”

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Release Your Idea of “The Plan”

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

December 15, 2010

Perhaps you are familiar with the old adage:

The only thing that’s constant … is change.

From the wisdom of Greek philosopher Heraclitus, to the Buddhist teaching of the impermanence of things, to the wisdom of Jesus who advised us not to become attached to material things by storing up treasures, the reality of change as the only constant throughout the ages has been … well, constant!

… and yet we plan.

And we plan. And we plan. We make plans with ten points. We make our list and check it twice. We create elaborate power points, checklists and detailed outlines. We plan our families, our finances, our career paths and boy oh boy do we plan our vacations — okay, maybe it’s just me (but humor me because I’m trying to make a point here). We invest in expensive gadgets and slavishly input data into calendars as if our lives depended on it – because, I suppose, from an earthly (and especially American) perspective, it does.

And after our plans appear “well made” we work hard to ensure that others buy in (whether we’ve received their input or not). I mean, after all we’ve put so much time and energy and ego into perfecting the perfect plan.  So it’s no surprise how devastated we can be when the inevitable happens. Someone questions, suggests, refuses to co-sign or, of course, has a plan of their own. What then? Your plans are turned upside down. In fact, this actually happens every day. And especially on any given Sunday (stay with me now).

So I love football. I mean I bleed Eagles green. So I am hoarse and tired almost every Monday after game day. And football has taught me a lot about life. For example, every player has a defined role, that yellow line I see on the TV marking a first down is not actually on the field, and (most importantly) I should keep my end zone celebrations to a minimum … but I digress.

One lesson that is particularly important (and relevant to this month’s theme “RELEASE … by the Spirit”) is sometimes you have to wave off the “set play” and call an audible. It’s good to have a set play, but it’s better to have several other options to go to once you assess in real-time what you’re up against on the other side of the line; you know, those uncontrollable points of opposition that may not have existed or been contemplated when the “play” was first drawn.

The goal is to have a vision and yet remain flexible. Because the only thing that’s constant, is change. And everything in and around us is in constant motion. Our blood is constantly pumping, our lungs expanding and contracting, the earth is spinning, the waves are crashing, the air is moving. The seasons change, as does the temperature, the time … and our minds.

So RELEASE your idea of the perfect plan. And the operative word is “your”. Trust that the Creator’s plan for your life is perfection and will unfold in God’s divine time. Listen to guidance from the Spirit that moves within. Let go of your plan so that God’s plan continues to develop and unfold and so that you can SHINE.

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