SPEAK: Release By the Spirit – Word Ritual for Releasing the “Extra”

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

Word Ritual for Releasing the “Extra”

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

December 4, 2010

Life responsibilities don’t always allow us to keep things in perfect proportion. There are times when our lives or spaces seem just a little off-kilter due to the “extras” in our life.  It would be a great relief to be able to keep it all together all of the time.  But there are indeed times when the least that we can do with the time we do have, is to identify the little things that are taking up mental, spiritual or emotional space that we could stand to release. We can start there and then work our way through the more challenging items or tasks.

Sometimes the difficulty comes when we struggle with the thought that by releasing something, we are losing.  But we belong to a great cycle that includes access to unlimited resource.   What is given, will be replaced in the best form and way that we need it.  Every time we release something that either we no longer need, or that is not being put to its best use, we make room for Spirit to replenish and replace.

When I find that I need to release things in my space, there is a sort of ritual that I practice.  It is my hope that these words may help you to release more than just that old couch.  It may encourage you to release things with a heart of gratitude and love, rather than of fear and thoughts of sacrifice.  When you find it is time to release the “extra” in your life, remember and meditate on these words.

You may choose to say this before making the phone call, before dropping off the donations, as you are putting the items  away in the box to be taken out or even daily before going out for the day where you may have to face the “extra” circumstances or situations in your life:

Thank you for what you have meant to my life,
it’s with gratitude that I recognize that good things will come from releasing this.

I now release this in hopes that it will open up possibilities in my life,
in hopes that someone else will now have use and benefit of this.

I release this, in order to regain centeredness, mindfulness,
and reach my fullest potential…
I release to make room,
I release to allow better flow of energy in my space/life.

I savor the memory of this, what it has meant to me,
I take a mental picture [or an actual one]…
This has served me as well as it can at this time in my life.

It is with this hope, and this gratitude and this love
that I release this extra part of my life,
knowing that abundance is ever-flowing
and that all that I need will always be present.

I now add my offering to the Great Cycle of Abundance.

Thank you again for serving me well.
May I release it to The Creator for divine use and purpose.

“Letting Go Mindmap” by Paul Foreman

SPEAKing through MUSIC for RELEASE:
Let It Go by Shaun Escoffery


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