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Erica A. Hawthorne

The Healing Circle

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

October 15, 2010


art by yvonne richer


Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a familiar situation or circumstance that in the past had been uncomfortable or unsuccessful that now proves to be wondrous and abundant?

I consider those to be “full circle moments”…times in our lives when Spirit gives us an opportunity to experience something again, but this time with all of the knowledge, confidence, wisdom and excitement that may have been missing the first time around.

These are healing experiences.  What is most important when we find ourselves re-living a part of our life experience is that we embrace the potential healing qualities the experience can bring.

It is important to allow yourself to approach the experience with new eyes and an open mind.  Even though the circumstance may hauntingly look a lot like “the last time”, it is in fact, a completely new experience with new possibilities, nurtured by our response to what is.

My pastor used to say to us that sometimes when we find ourselves at such a crossroads, that the thing we didn’t do last time could be the very thing we need to do now and sometimes the thing we did last time should not be brought into the experience at all this time.

I remember being initially paralyzed with the fear of making a mistake or missing another opportunity when I came to such a destination in my life.   But I soon found that by taking the time to regain my center and remaining open-minded and flexible, that there is so much healing on the other side of “full-circle” experiences.

You will find that if you really sit a moment to process your current situation (that feels a lot like a past experience), the true lessons will come from asking yourself clear, forthright questions about the experience and answering honestly, then allowing yourself the room to be bold and venture out again.

Other full circle moments call for nothing less than gratitude.  These are the experiences that may correct a past wrong, or allow for something trans-formative to take place.  Those experiences are meant to be appreciated and met with bravery and excitement.

So congratulations to anyone who is currently finding themselves in the midst of a full circle experience!  May you find the humbleness to learn from past mistakes, a forgiving memory and the courage to embrace all that is unfolding in your life with a positive attitude and hopeful heart.

May you be eternally healed and reborn to do what was always possible.


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  1. Thank you for this timely message 🙂

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