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Built for Health

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October 4, 2010

I encourage you to be well, live well, and Heal By The Spirit.

Stacked zen stones A few years ago I read something that stated that our natural state was health and that we are always seeking to be healthy.  I remember thinking about this and thinking how when I, like others, are sick we do what needs to be done to get better.  Yes, we may deny that we are sick at first but once we realize that we are not “feeling well”, that we are not functioning as well as we “usually do”, we do what we need to do to get better…rest, take medicine, see a doctor, or even try some of those “old remedies” passed down through the generations.

When it comes to health, people may try anything, listen to anyone, and/or travel anywhere to restore one’s health.  We were created to be healthy; we are “Built for Health”.

I recently read in The Science of Being Well that we are internally equipped with what we need to be well…we are equipped with a “Principle of Health” (p. 11).   I sometimes equate our bodies to computers.  It seems that we have all the information that we need to run optimally, we just have to “download and access” the file that tells us what we need to heal and be healthy.  We just have to listen and follow the directions.

Over the years, I have noticed that once you make the commitment to health, everything will align and you will attract what you need and whom you need to ensure that you achieve your optimal state of health. The messages and information may appear in a magazine you are reading, on a television show, or come up in a conversation.  We are designed and created to be healthy…we are Built for Health.

Once the messages and help come, I encourage you to take it and then do your part to achieve it.  If it is changing your eating habits, sleeping and/or resting more, exercising, seeing a certain kind of doctor, or spending time in nature…trust, follow, and be obedient to the Spirit-led directions and encounters that you are being given that lead you to Health.  Just like everything else that lasts, it starts with a strong and healthy foundation.
So during this month of October, remember that you are Built for Health.  I encourage you to be well, live well, and Heal By The Spirit.

God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit.

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