SHINE: Reap by the Spirit — If You Want to Keep Reaping, Keep Sowing

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

If You Want to Keep Reaping, Keep Sowing

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

September 29, 2010

Hand sowing seedsThere is an approach to planting by gardeners called succession planting. The term means simply that in order to reap throughout the year, one must continue planting throughout the year. Some gardeners rely on the time-honored tradition of planting just after Memorial Day weekend to reap a summer garden in the months of July and August. Seeds are sown once and then tended to maturation for one harvest.

But prudent planters who sow continually throughout the months can reap bountiful harvests well beyond the summer months and – depending on location and weather conditions – can continue to reap and sow throughout the year. Summer gardens can be absolutely wonderful. But how much more could be experienced and enjoyed if you could harvest the bounty of fruits and vegetables in every month of the year?

The same can be asked (and answered) in the case of reaping spiritual bounties. It is wonderful to reap the occasional spiritual blessing that people sometimes refer to as “my season” or “favor”. But that thought process can be limiting when we realize that the Creator is accessed always and only in the present and does not operate on the same “clock” as we humans do. There is no limit, no special time for a spiritual harvest or blessing. Our blessings are always here, in every circumstance although we cannot always “see” this spiritual reality because we see “through the glass, darkly.”

In fact, in order to keep manifesting and accessing the abundance God has already provided for us presently, we must continue to grow and mature in our faith and relationship with God by continually sowing spiritually (“pray without ceasing…”).

By sowing spiritually I do not mean to suggest “acts” of religiosity. We can all think of many churchgoers and spiritual leaders who follow (by all outward appearances, anyway) dogma and doctrine but don’t even come close to exhibiting the loving, forgiving and empathic nature of Jesus. By sowing spiritually I mean spending time in prayer and meditation. Loving – I mean really loving – ourselves and others. By connecting with nature. By looking past faults and seeing (and meeting) needs – our own as well as those of others.

So my advice to you today is to keep sowing! Not just when you feel the time is right or when you’re “coming into your season,” but in every moment of the day. Sowing spiritually need not be relegated to some formal day or time or practice. Even the simple acknowledgment of God’s presence and your deep, abiding feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving is the perfect way to continue to sow spiritually today and every day!


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