SHINE: Rejuvenate by the Spirit — Let Your Light Ignite the Light in Others!

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Let Your Light Ignite the Light in Others!

© Tonya M. Evans

August 30, 2010

This month’s SHINE posts focused on ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and relationship with Spirit. We began by moving your SELF Up to #1 on your to-do list. That post reminded you that your well being is essential and should be a top priority in your life. Then I challenged you to rejuvenate your passion. I asked you to recall the thing you used to talk about and dream about that really made you excited but that somehow got pushed to the side when “real life” took over. I encouraged you to rejuvenate that passion by tapping into your talents and recapturing your enthusiasm for life and work.

The next week I highlighted the power of reconnecting with the feminine divine. This post was focused on encouraging women to honor the divinity born out of being a woman, possessed of the loving power of creation and healing both physically and spiritually. Finally last week I reminded you (and myself!) that love is essential and begins with YOU. It is impossible to be fully present in love for another person until the complete and divine love of God through Spirit is experienced and honored fully within. All of these posts led ultimately to this final post of August.

If you have made your well-being a priority, rejuvenated your passion for life, reconnected with your divinity and cultivated self-love within you are more than ready and capable of performing the ultimate miracle; sharing your light of God’s love so that others can SHINE!

“Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less. Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expression of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver.” (emphasis in original) A Course in Miracles –“The Meaning of Miracles” p. 3

We live in a world where so many people move through life unconsciously and seemingly disconnected from each other and God. They do and say things we could describe as profoundly unloving. Sometimes despite our best intentions and attempts to love certain people, we experience rejection or even abuse. Sometimes people subconsciously resist any expressions of love because they are under the mis-perception they are somehow unlovable.

How, we think, can people be so cold, so callous, so unkind. But understanding that many us of have been wounded physically, emotionally, and mentally can help us to accept that people can only give what they have. If they have not experienced God’s love in interactions with those closest to them, or rejected the very love that could heal them, how can they express that love in the world? So God relies on us to acknowledge LOVE within and then to share it with others so the Creator’s love fully actualized in all of creation.

So today use your rejuvenating light to encourage others to shine! And remember,

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:15-17

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