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Take the Time

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August 27, 2010

In this last full week of August, I am amazed at how this year and this summer has “flown by”.  The other day I looked at my list of goals for 2010 to see what I had accomplished and what still needed to be completed.  I also searched for that list of things that I would do if I had the time…you know that list that we run off in our mind or we say to our family and friends…If I had more time, I would do…So this week, I encourage you to Take the Time.

Earlier this month, you were encouraged to Rejuvenate Your Passion and create a list of and/or identify those things or that thing that you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it.  Similarly, I am encouraging you to Take the Time to do those things that you always say that you want to do but don’t have time to do.  When you Take the Time, you begin to realize that you do have time to do the activities that you love and ignite your passion.  Think about and make a list of those activities that you love, those activities that are uniquely you.

I recently spoke with someone who said they wanted to start scrapbooking because they felt it would soothe their soul and make them happy, within minutes we were on our way to the craft store to buy the supplies they needed.  Instead of taking the time to fantasize and talk about doing it, we took the time to make it a reality.  I have found that once you make the decision on what activity or activities you want/need to participate in, align yourself with Spirit, and make the concerted effort, your “world” will open itself and the time will be given to do that which you love, are passionate about, and Rejuvenates your Spirit.

So this week, I encourage you to Take the Time to get clear on what you want to spend your time doing and then Take the Time to do it.  I look forward to hearing about the activities that you Take the Time to do and how they are Rejuvenating your Spirit.

God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit.

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2 Responses

  1. Oh! LOVE the picture too. lol

  2. I really love this post. And love the way it connects our thoughts about this month’s theme! It could also be titled, “Don’t just Dream About It, BE About it.” Uh huh! Love it. Thanks Sista, Tonya

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