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Food Energy

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August 25, 2010

I have found that I can be rejuvenated not just through the foods I choose to eat, but the practices I adopt around healthier eating. Sometimes these choices include cleansing and fasting as a way to tune in to my body, its needs and as a way to reset my system so that I can function at my optimum level.

But I have also found that adjusting my eating habits or food choices is directly linked to my emotional, mental and spiritual growth as well as physical health. The foods I choose to eat is an act of care and love.  Food and water are nourishing to our bodies and have an effect on our daily energy and long-term health.  I am not always as loving to my body as I desire to be, but each day I wake with the intent to make better choices as I approach food decisions.

I know the small changes I make, can make all the difference for the overall care of my body and spirit.

With so many diets, healthy cookbooks, weight loss programs, fancy workout sensations, etc. one can become easily overwhelmed by all of the options.  But renewing our energy and health can be made more simplistic by taking small, but consistent steps each day towards eating with the purpose of caring for ourselves and working towards reaching our optimal health levels.

As I re-commit to my health through the foods I choose and regular exercise, here are a few things I have discovered and practice that may help you as well.

  • Mindful eating – I’ve started taking my time when I eat to be mindful of chewing my food fully and pausing before taking the next bite.  Sometimes I take a moment to identify the ingredients that my taste buds recognize.  Not only am I able to enjoy my food more fully, but I also began to pay more attention to feeling when I am full and should stop eating.In this day and age, it is not uncommon for many of us to eat while we work, treating our meal as if it is another task to check off the things to do list (if we don’t forget all together).  I now know that nourishing my body deserve my undivided attention.
  • Stop eating at “enough” – When I was younger “cleaning your plate” or finishing all the food on your plate, was the gateway to reward.  If you wanted to dessert, you had to clean your plate.   If you wanted to be a “good little girl or boy” you obediently cleaned your plate.  Sometimes to be granted exit from the table, cleaning the plate was part of the deal.  Stories of starving children elsewhere were told often and emphatically to seal the deal.But between guilt and bribery lay the beginning of a bad eating habit: overeating.  So now, through mindful eating, I am more aware of when is “when”.  This also means I eat to replenish and am less likely to feel lethargic after a meal.  Learning to pay attention to your body and when it is full is the first of many healthier steps we can practice.

  • Benefits of cleansing & fasting – I learned early on that cleansing or fasting as a diet measure was the exact opposite of building energy with or without food.  Cleansing and fasting don’t have to be harsh.  As a matter of fact if done appropriately, both methods can help recharge your energy.  You should consult a physician before starting any fasting or cleansing method to ensure that doing so will not put your health at risk.  The ultimate goal, if you have one, should be to rid your body of harmful toxins, cleanse your system of impurities and give your daily energy a boost.

I could share more tips about specific foods that energize when eaten, but I believe equally important to what we put in our bodies is the mindful practice of how we do so.

Whether it is slowing down to really think of the words we use to bless our food before eating, or the care we take when preparing our foods, I encourage you to rejuvenate the way you approach food as part of your spiritual practice.

If you have more ideas and things you have tried, please share them in the comments section.  Here’s to rejuvenating through healthier eating!


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