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LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls


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A few years ago, I read a passage that said something like, “do that which brings you aliveness”.  After reading that passage, I was led to sit back and reflect on that which brings me “Aliveness”.

As I made my list of (then) current activities, I paid attention to the physical sensations that ran through my body as well as the thoughts that emerged with each activity.  Sadly, as I thought of some of those activities, I felt tension in my neck, back, and shoulders.  I also found my face frowning or getting angry.  And the thoughts that came, well let’s just say I realized that I needed to let those activities go.  All in all, I realized that some of the activities in my life were not bringing me aliveness, but instead were draining and moving me away from the fullness of my life, and I knew that I needed to make some changes.

I then sat back and thought about the activities that I liked doing, and the activities that I would like to do.  I reflected back into my childhood and thought about activities that I used to participate in and those that I didn’t have time for, and made decisions as to whether I would make time for them in my current life.  During this process, I noticed a lightness in my body, my face was smiling, and I felt very childlike and youthful on the inside.  It was as if my “inner child” was finally being acknowledged, honored, and heard…and that made me happy…that brought me Aliveness!

To this day, I still review my activities both personal and professional, and assess my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reactions to these various activities, and make changes as needed.  Some activities stick around for a while, some branch off into new endeavors, and some come to an end.  Regardless of the length of time, I find that my life is filled with and attracts more activities that bring me Aliveness.

As you are being Rejuvenated By The Spirit, take some time to sit back and think about that which will bring you Aliveness and incorporate these aspects/activities into your life.  I look forward to hearing about the activities that you pursue.

God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit.

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2 Responses

  1. (Aliveness)My aliveness is my mom,my children, my grands,my sisters and some true friends that i have come to meet over the years it’s only about 8 real ones.
    I was with someone that gave me aliveness for years but that ended sometime ago and my god that got me up today to get another from you sisters again.
    my biggest aliveness is my mom who is in her *0’s and still give me a good word everytime i talk to her with her great smile she is the(Queen) and will always be that for me.
    My children that keeps out of trouble and talk to me before they get into anything love them much.
    My beautiful grands lovely, sharp and smart and suprising eachday and time never knowing what they will say as anew day comes for thwm in this world.
    My older sisters who are beautiful in there hearts and would be there if i’m in need.
    So as we come to another day that god has let us see i will say to you again. Tell next time much love sisters i’m out.

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