LIVE: Rejuvenate by the Spirit — Rest

LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls


© 2010 Kathleen E. Walls

August 13, 2010

Sometimes we need to pull back from activities, conversations, interactions, relationships, and ideas and just Rest.  Rest can occur when we are sleep or awake.  Take a look at the various meanings for the word Rest:

  1. Stop work, exertion, or activity
  2. Peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or the stopping of an activity
  3. Sleep or quiet relaxation
  4. Relief or freedom from disquiet or disturbance
  5. Peace of mind or Spirit

When we take the time to Rest, we are rejuvenated and restored.  We are given the answers that we seek, and the direction and clarity that we need.  When we Rest, we are given the strength to endure, the peace of mind to understand and accept, and the reality of a situation that has been confusing and/or a cause of conflict.  Rest enables us to clear “the clutter” of the mind and put things in order. Rest allows new ideas to flow freely.  Rest provides us with the healing that we need spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

So during this month dedicated to being Rejuvenated By The Spirit, I encourage you to stop what you are doing, sit or lay down, and Rest!
God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit.


One Response

  1. i have had time to rest and rejuvenate and slow down and took time out from working none stop and i feel great today i have been moving so much that me knee locked and i had to get off my feet for a while so now i’m back but at a slow walk and i will keep it that way because that pain made me know when to say stop and slow down. i am dedicated to being rejuvenated. much love to you sisters.

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