SPEAK: Shine By the Spirit – Join the “Smile & Shine” Campaign

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

“Join the ‘Smile & Shine’ Campaign”

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

July 21, 2010

This may seem a bit unconventional, what I’m about to suggest.  But I believe the world could use a bit more Shine infused in its day-to-day schedule. So I’m proposing a week-long campaign. It won’t take up any of your time, won’t cost you anything, but could possibly make the biggest difference in how we, as well as others experience the world around us. But I’ll be honest, what I’m about to suggest, sounds so simple but in fact its simplicity is where the miracle lies.

I usually believe the greatest impact I can have on another, is through the words I share.  But yesterday I discovered that I can Shine subtly but powerfully just by extending a big ‘ol, full out, all-my-teeth…smile.

Yep, that’s it.  Just a smile.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling energized.  I woke up on time, exercised and made myself a quick breakfast.  I was feeling good about the outfit I chose, the plans I had and the nice weather.  I was probably already smiling as I walked to my car and as I did a woman walking with her child looked my way as she passed.  Sure, I thought to wipe the unexplainable grin off of my face and give her a polite subdued one.  But instead I had a quick thought, “Why not share this great energy with her too?”

I read a post once by one of my favorite not-quite-but-just-right astrologist Rob Breszny, that challenged readers to release the almost-automatic judgment we place on people when we see them, and instead send a prayer their way.  I’ve been practicing this act ever since, and realize how quickly sometimes judgment jumps out of my mind before praise and how intently I have to think in order to bring forth a blessing in its place.

So now I’m adding my SMILE-SHINE campaign to this practice too! It’s a bit difficult to judge someone when you’re giving them the biggest genuine smile you’ve got!  The woman, upon seeing my Cheshire cat grin could not help but to return an equally glowing smile back my way.   I found myself sending blessings that she would have a great day! There we were, our equally beautiful smiles shining so brightly, I’m sure we lit up the whole block!  We looked more like old friends running into each other, or good friends happy to catch the other out and about on such a nice morning.  It was contagious and infectious!

So…this week is all about Shining By the Spirit through the outward display of our biggest smiles…despite how you feel, or what challenges may be right under the surface.  You may find that it is difficult to cast out a big smile, receive one in return and not feel something magical happen.

But what if the other person doesn’t smile back?  Worse yet, what if they scowl, growl and nash their teeth in my direction?  Well to that I say…make like a Care Bear stare and hold that smile!

The God we represent, and in the ultimate life experience we seek…Love always wins.  So let us reflect our most loving selves through the SHINE found in the very simple, but meaningful act of smiling.

Try it all week and let me know next Wednesday how it went! I’d love to hear your stories!



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