SHINE: Shine by the Spirit — The Clarifying Light of Self Reflection

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

The Clarifying Light of Self Reflection

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

July 19, 2010

Bright sunburstI am currently in the midst of a self-proclaimed timeout of sorts. A time when I leave the comfort of my familiar with all of its to-dos, worldly demands and even delightful distractions to seek personal and professional clarity born out of the solitude and stillness of a self-reflective state of BE-ing.

I emphasize “being” because although a substantial part of my day is reserved for writing (that is, DO-ing something in particular) the entire process ultimately is devoted to being – being who God created me to be (a physical manifestation of love in all circumstances) by taking the time to pause, be still, rest, care for myself, walk, sing, laugh, cry, meditate, question, ponder, write, pray, affirm and … breathe!

I know the state of “being” I intentionally foster during this time that I reserved specifically for self-reflection is ultimately the state of clarity I seek to achieve in every moment. But spiritual clarity is a process not a destination. And re-setting my attention and intention in times like these brings me closer to my Self and to Spirit; closer to the Divine oneness with the Creator that in reality is always there.

Woman prayingSo in this moment – in this sacred time of stillness – I seek the clarifying light of self-reflection, I focus on being rather than doing. I affirm that I have all I need and that I am enough. And with infinite gratitude, I accept Divine inspiration and abundance in this and every moment – not because I “do” but because I “am”. Selah and Amen!

Share with me in the comment section the ways you seek spiritual clarity and how you benefit from “timeouts”. And if you haven’t experienced the clarifying light of self-reflection in while, make an appointment with your SELF today. Schedule and honor this time like your life depends on it (because it does)!

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