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LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls

Radiating Spirit

© 2010 Kathleen E. Walls 

July 15, 2010 

Credit: Kathleen E. Walls


I love this picture because the brightness and expansiveness of the sun is so evident.  Sometimes when I look at it, I find myself turning my eyes away from the sun and towards the water because it is just too bright. It amazes me that even though this is a picture, the sun is still doing “it’s thing”, it’s still shining to its fullest capacity…it is fulfilling it’s purpose…it is radiating it’s essence…it is Radiating Spirit. 

As noted in this month’s By The Spirit introduction, “We go from nurturing our possibilities and potential to radiating our fullest capacity and purpose.”  Wow… radiating to our fullest capacity and purpose!  What a Charge…What a Responsibility…What a Purpose!!! 

Of course that leads me to ask two questions: 

  1. Are you radiating to your fullest capacity and purpose?
  2. If not, what do you need to do to radiate to your fullest capacity and purpose?

Just like the sun in the picture, when you are radiating to your fullest capacity and purpose, the impact of your being…the impact of your existence goes beyond what you could ever think or imagine.  Your spirit knows no bounds, no limitations.  Your spirit neither makes nor accepts excuses.  Your spirit was created to “do what it do”.  As Dr. Pennie Murray (Give By The Spirit contributor) has often told us…Give yourself permission…hence, Give your Spirit permission to Radiate Spirit to its fullest capacity and purpose. 

So During this summer month of July, I am going to wear my sunglasses (even at night), as I look forward to hearing and seeing how you are Radiating Spirit. 

God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit. 

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