GIVE: Guest Post — “The Cycle of Self-Permission”

GIVE Special Guest Contributor Dr. Pennie Murray

© 2010 Pennie Murray

Excerpt from Giving Myself Permission

EDITORIAL NOTE: This inspirational post is directly in line with this month’s theme, so we thought we’d share it with you. We will occasionally share quotes from Dr. Pennie’s book to encourage you to co-create your own reality by giving yourself permission to SUCCEED!

It’s not that we are incompetent. We just never give ourselves permission to allow true virtue to surface. Thought guilt and mental conditioning,  we have learned to always color inside the lines and to never look outside the box. Our mental predisposition tells us that only the elite (whoever they are) taste the sweet nectar of success. Whenever we feel unfulfilled, it’s because we are staying true to our programmed limits and we remain in less challenging positions and situations in order to appease the voices of restriction.

Stretching ourselves beyond what comes easy for us leaves us awkward and not in control. Giving ourselves permission would move us out of our comfort zone, beyond the voices of limit, to the temporary unknown for greater growth and opportunity.

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