SPEAK: Nurture By the Spirit – N is for Nurture

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

N is for Nurture

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

June 30, 2010

N is also for Need

Knowing the difference between our needs and wants will help us prioritize our goals and projects. It  doesn’t mean we can’t also have what we want! We absolutely can! But taking care of our needs, gives us the foundation and energy to create and pursue our desires.  What I’ve come to learn as being key is releasing our will and demand for a certain outcome to allow Spirit to bring forth the best possible circumstances for our growth and happiness.

“I am not led by any other wants, desires or personal debates, but ever-yielding to that which you lay before me…” – RhapsodE, Whole Woman

U is for Understanding

To truly offer understanding to something or someone is also an act of care.  It refrains from judgment (of ourselves or others) to allow all the information to come forth and be approached with open-mindedness and discernment. To judge, is to imprison our own opportunities…to offer understanding does not mean being in agreement, it simply offers a space in which clarity can visit, and hopefully be a guest of true change.

R is for Rest

“So much to do, so little time!” How many times do we live with this energy to our detriment? We set well intentioned goals, but even when it is obvious that we need to slow down or rest, we press forth.  No doubt there are times when “burning the midnight oil” is what is needed to make a significant press towards a goal. But to live this way day in, day out can become counterproductive. What is needed is a way to work “smarter”, which seeks ways to save time, maximize resources, partner wisely and seek balance in all areas of our lives.

T is for Thankfulness

Simply put, our gratitude activates Spirit and helps us focus our energy on our abundance. Express it daily and watch the things we care for bloom!

U is also for Unity

Sometimes partnership with others, and always with Spirit, is the only way to truly nurture a goal or project or life change. My pastor asked our congregation once “What is the purpose of relationship?” After a few blanks stares and well-meaning guesses, he replied “To help each other reach your fullest potential and fulfill your purpose.” How great to think that every interaction is meant to bring forth the best that is in us and for us to offer the same!

R is also for Re-Purposing

Sometimes we are tempted to start completely new in order to nurture our best selves!  Sometimes it is just as powerful and life-changing to literally and spiritually take something you already possess, and re-purpose it for something else that can equally re-energize your life. For example, you don’t always have to end a relationship or friendship. By focusing on the strengths of the relationship and allowing that to guide the level of interaction we have with another it can mean just allowing someone to be present in the best way they can while offering a new way for us to relate.

E is for Encouragement

Whether you give it to yourself or to others, it is key to continue to encourage yourself! Last week I gave you a few ideas on how to do so.  It doesn’t always take a whole lot, many times the small steps and simple acts added together make the greatest difference!


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