SPEAK: Nurture By the Spirit – 3 Ways to SPEAK Nurturing Into Your Life

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

3 Ways to SPEAK Nurturing Into Your Life

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

June 24, 2010

Tell yourself 3 good things every day and see the difference it makes!

Many times the voice in our heads, as well as the things we say out loud are counterproductive to what we really want to create for our lives. Spirit wants to co-create good stuff in our lives! How many times do we talk ourselves out of something or into something undesirable just by the words we speak and the thoughts we keep?

Here are 3 great things to say to yourself at least once a day…or as often as you need to hear it so that the feeling of having, believing and embracing that thing fills you and nurtures you into action:

  1. Yes I Can! – Thanks to the 2008 presidential campaign many of us were infused with this mantra…and believed it! More than a year later I hope we are embracing that mantra as our own. Whenever we are standing in front of something we want, and the immediate feeling of fear or intimidation is upon us, it’s important to almost as immediately proclaim that “Yes I Can!” Sure, there are details to be thought out, a plan of action to be determined. But the first step is activating through our belief. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).  So tell fear to take a holiday! Yes we can! And with the help of Spirit “Yes we will!”
  2. I am…awesome OR [fill in the blank] – Before the little voice in your head starts to remind you of the last mistake you made, or the work that you still have to do to be a better you…how about celebrating the greatness that already is you? You’ve persisted, overcome, succeeded, took a risk, became vulnerable, learned something new, showed up for someone else, took the first step, stood by your decision, set new standards, saved money, tried again, raised a child, rescued an animal or baked a fabulous pie! There is always something to celebrate about yourself! We don’t tell ourselves enough. Start today!
  3. Nothing – Imagine the SPEAK contributor telling you to not SPEAK! But yes I am and yes we can! Silence is sometimes the most resounding voice of Spirit. Every day we need time to just be quiet…to silence our mind chatter, to refrain from responding right away and offer space in a situation. Sometimes allowing the space and people around us to do the talking means giving ourselves the opportunity to practice listening…which is the better half in the couplehood called effective communication. I realize that it’s in my most still moments that clarity seems to flow most readily to me. It inadvertently encourages me to slow down, pace myself, regroup and re-enter the space with calm and focus. We can practice silence before it becomes an urgent need, to serve us in peaceful circumstances as well as stressful ones.

Just 3 things we can say to ourselves each day. Simple but effective. Try it for a week and let me know if it makes a difference!


Yes I can do anything I partner with Spirit to do! I am energized by the possibilities and approach everything I desire with openness and care!

I am awesome, wonderfully made, full of curiosity and potential! Every day I uncover the gift of myself and present my best self to the world!

I embrace the self that I am, even when I am simply being still. It is here, in the quiet moments that I discover my true self.


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