GIVE: Nurture by the Spirit — Embrace Me God with the Wonder of Your Spirit

GIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Dr. Pennie Murray

Embrace Me God with the Wonder of Your Spirit

© 2010 Pennie Murray

June 8, 2010

Life is full of twist and turns. And every now and then life whacks you across the head with a 2 by 4. And like a GPS, you find yourself having to recalculate the route you take to your planned destination.  I experienced one of those whacks this past week. Consequently, I found myself feeling emotionally and mentally numb.

As I walked around my house trying to process it all, I was challenged by the thought of being powerless in this particular situation. Then my defiant attitude of “Never let them see you sweat” kicked in and I decided to throw myself fully into the task of being an emotional success coach, something God had commissioned me to do years ago.

For many of us (me included), we have a powerful sabotaging voice that tells us we don’t have the answers to our challenges or that we should be distrustful of our decisions and choices. In that moment of committing fully to my divine purpose, my self-sabotaging voice had turned up the volume on my feelings of self-doubt and fear of failure. As I made my way aimlessly through the day, exhausted from trying to process being blindsided by the situation, and deal with all my emotional clutter, everything was silenced when I heard my spirit say,

Embrace me God with the wonder of Your Spirit.”

I guess my spirit realized that I needed to be nurtured at a deeper level than I (or anyone else for that matter) could provide. My spirit knew my esteem needed to be protected and cared for, and my heart needed to be strengthen and encouraged. This ultimately enabled me to see the situation from a different vantage point.

W. Timothy Gallawey said, “The way we see events approaching us affects the way we will respond to them; the way we respond to them affects the way we regard ourselves…”

Maybe like me, you have been blindsided by an unexpected situation and your life as you know it has been forced to change. Without a doubt there will be both positive and negative things awaiting you as you recalculate your previously planned journey in life. But the key to being successful in these times lies within your perception, or slant on things as they come at you. In other words what attitude will you choose to entertain as you reestablish yourself?

The way I see it we have several choices. The first one is to say, “To hell with it—what difference does it make anyway,” and continue to let the challenges of life bully you. The second choice, which happens far too often, is to blame others and become angry, resentful and bitter—making your future pay for the perceived injustices of your past. A third and emotionally healthier choice is to take a look at yourself and examine what you have available to you right now.  Examine honestly what you need to do to give yourself the advantage—develop yourself in these areas, then permit yourself to be strengthened along the way. Self-development is also a part of nurturing yourself.

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