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SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

I Will Tell Myself – In Honor of ‘Jessica’s Daily Affirmation’

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

June 7, 2010

No one will tell me what it is I can be!

No one will determine my self-worth or define me but ME!

Try if you will be you will be committing an act against GOD

cause it’s a sin to waste valuable energy.

The Creator has planted in me embers of greatness

that I must ignite, that I must enrage into a torrent of fire

to consume self-doubt and self-hate

So I have NO time to wait for others to recognize

because a bird that has wings needs no one to tell it


~ Excerpt from the poem I Will Tell Myself, by Tonya M. Evans

found in SHINE! (book/CD) and Seasons of Her (book)

Recently a friend shared with me a video clip-turned-YouTube® sensation titled Jessica’s Daily Affirmation. This 50-second clip is pure love, peace and joy of the highest spiritual order.

Jessica’s love of life and gratitude for everything in her life that is good shows clearly that even (and especially) at a very young age, she recognized herself as having the power to participate in creating her best life. This awareness of her personal power proves Jessica (now a teenager) was and is the type of phenomenal woman-in-the-making that would make Maya Angelou beam with pride at the actual evidence of how phenomenal women are created and nurtured.

And of course, as the author of Find Your Own Shine, I absolutely, positively CANNOT contain my own radiance and pride as I watch this like-spirit demonstrate what it looks like, feels like, and sounds like when someone has truly found and claimed their divine glow.

Check it out for yourself!

See what I mean! Pure SHINE, inside and out.

Every time I watch this clip my eyes tear up and the smile on my face (and in my soul) widens exponentially! After the loving litany of things little Jessica loves (that includes her entire family, her whole house, AND – in the true ways of a divine diva — her hair style!), she chants what should be every living person’s daily affirmation.

“I can do ANYTHING good … yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah … I can do ANYTHING good.”

It’s not a question, a wish, a hope, a request, a dream or even a prayer. It is a bona fide statement of fact from her perspective – and from a divine perspective. She’s seeing herself with spiritual vision, the way God sees her because she is — and we are all — created in God’s image.

And she does not say it with eyes closed or in a Lotus position (although there’s nothing wrong with striking a meditative or prayerful pose when the situation calls for it). Instead she looks directly into the mirror. With her bright, beautiful light reflecting back at her, little Jessica TELLS HERSELF that she can do ANYTHING good. Selah [which means, pause … and think on that!] She demonstrates, unknowingly the difference between a prayer (communion or conversation with God; a petition or request), a meditation (heightened awareness and spiritual contemplation) and an affirmation (positive assertion or confirmation of what IS); what I will now refer to as a “Mirror Mantra!”

For those of us who spend any amount of time with or have influence over children, our own or others, envision your own “lil SHINE” dancing on the sink in the mirror with his or her own brand of self-affirmation grounded in a healthy dose of gratitude. And imagine this: if the way Jessica seized the day was the way every child woke up every morning and prepared for a day out in the world, just think about how much better the world would be. Children would be organically and spiritually lead to their fullest potential in their formative years, which would lead to better adjusted, loving, Spirit-lead, purpose-driven adults … who would bear more loving, Spirit-lead well-adjusted, purpose-driven adults (and so on…). A radical idea given the reality that some adults wander through life, living for others, waiting for “others” (who may be well-intentioned but lost themselves!) to “recognize.” All the while God wants us to remember “… a bird that has wings needs no one to tell it when to fly!” I Will Tell Myself!

So today I nurture myself by telling myself that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. My potential is infinite. My options are limitless. I walk in alignment with Spirit, which means only my BEST in all aspects of my life until I return to the original source of the overflowing abundance in and all around me!

When you look in the mirror what do you tell yourself? If it’s anything less than what Jessica told herself on a daily basis, forget “face” and “Hammer” because it’s Mirror Mantra time! Listen to the following song and then start nurturing the divine being in the mirror.

I Will Tell Myself Remix by Tonya Marie, a light who SHINES

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