SPEAK: Nurture By the Spirit – Gratitude for Those Who Nurture

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

Gratitude for Those Who Nurture

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

June 02, 2010

Blessed are the nurturers in our lives, for with them,
we are able to stand more assuredly.

Blessed are those who nurture us in times when we cannot do so for ourselves...

As I practice counting the things I am grateful for at the end of the day, among them I count the people in my life who support me and inevitably help me to be my better self.

While reading a recent post from the Daily OM, I was reminded that it is people who take our stormy weather and offer an umbrella, those who help us pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together, those who have just the right word at just the right moment, people who are able to “hold the space” for us as we go through, that truly are miracles in the course our life journey.

Sometimes it is as simple as offering wisdom that reminds us of the goals we set, the boundaries we committed to, and how beautiful we truly have become, even when our makeup is smeared from the crying. While other times, it’s the people who uplift us even when we ourselves doubt our beauty or worthiness.

I am more humbled knowing that because of their support and love and care, that not only am I able to rebuild and stand anew, but I too am able to take my strength and stand in the gaps for someone else.

So this week I am counting my blessings by the many people that have come, passed and remained in my life as space holders, foundation laypersons and speakers of vast encouragement to my purpose.  I thank them personally, and if they are no longer present, I thank them in Spirit. The greatest commandment ever given was the one that encouraged us to love one another as God has so dearly loved us.

The Course in Miracles reminds us that we are here “…only to be truly helpful…” It is those nurturers in our lives, who have reminded us what we all are here to do. I am convinced that the ability to nurture another is an act of making God manifest.  To do so without judgment or resentment is a blessed miracle both to the giver and receiver.

One of my favorite books is The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker whereby the character Shug (Avery) shares a list of gospels.  Among them is one that speaks the heart of a nurturer:

“Helped are those who receive only to give; always in their house will be the circular energy of generosity; and in their hearts a beginning of a new age on Earth: when no keys will be needed to unlock the heart and no locks will be needed on the doors.”

What I have become acutely aware of, is not only how blessed I am to be surrounded by those who have indeed nurtured me into and through my potential, but how blessed I am to have been the same to others.  Between those who have nurtured me, and those who I have nurtured…we all have created a “circular energy of generosity” that is unending.

Today I am eternally grateful for these blessings and I encourage you to call, email, IM or even text (why not use technology for absolute good) to send a word of gratitude to those who have been nurturers in your life.  Maybe it was for a moment, or for some years…maybe they are still the voice that calls you into the light of your purpose.  Whatever the case, let them know…then, without hesitation, seek out ways to be the same for others.


Today, and each day forward,
I seek to take a moment to be ever-more grateful
for those who have stood in the spaces that I could not occupy,
Filled them with their love
Until I could breathe again.

Made way for me when a path was not visible,
Became my eyes in darkness
Until they could once again adjust to my own light.
Those who spoke the words I could not speak,
Until my voice grew strong enough to say…
“thank you”.

I am a product of all of those who cared enough to care…
May I be available to be a present voice
A willing vessel,
A calm embrace,
To those who need to drink from my well.


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