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The Fullness of Life

© 2010 Kathleen E. Walls

May 20, 2010

Gas gauge on full

Fill up on life!

On Saturday morning, I sat thinking about the “fullness of life”. As I sat there, I started thinking about the times when I felt as if I was living a full life…the times when I felt the most alive…the most joy…the most fulfilled.  I then thought about how I was currently feeling limited in my life.  I knew that I was happy and at peace, and I was thankful but I realized that I wasn’t feeling FULL.  I felt that somehow and in someway I had started to limit the ways that God could work in my life, the ways that I could be “filled up” and I knew that I needed to “correct” that immediately. I thought about a key statement that I made in my book (p.63), The G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T. Soul Journey,

“Life without the ‘F’ (F=fullness) is a Lie…So live, your Full Life!!!

I prayed and asked Spirit to give me clarity … a sign that would point me in the right direction.  All of the sudden, before one thought could end, the next thought had entered into my mind…“check your email”…so I checked.  There in the inbox was an email stating that someone new was following me on Twitter.  Usually, I take a quick glance, thank God for the increased audience, and “keep going” but this time, Spirit moved me to see who this person was and before I knew it, I was on the person’s website.

At one point, my mind was saying, “what are you doing?”  But Spirit was very clear that this was what I needed to be doing.  I knew that I was being guided by something larger than myself, so I released control and allowed myself to be led. When I went to the website, it was one page broken into four sections.  I was blown away.  Everything on the website, I needed to read.  On the bottom of the page was information about a free downloadable version of  The Science of Getting Rich.  Since, I knew I was on a Spirit-led journey, I started reading.

It was as if the book was written while listening to my deepest thoughts and my recent God-conversation.  Some of the statements in the book had just left my lips while I was in prayer no less than 15 minutes before this email “showed up” in my in-box.  I smiled and heard deep within

when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Now as a teacher/professor, I have used this phrase many times to explain why I am the “new” professor or for the individual who says “I was just thinking about that.”  My current circumstances have me back in the “student” role and now I am waiting for my teachers.  Since I love learning and am Open to Spirit, I know that the learning will come in a variety of ways through a variety of teachers.  This weekend, the “teacher” just happened to come in the form of a book.

The lessons learned/remembered:

  1. Spirit listens and responds
  2. You will receive what you need when you need it, and be open to the ways that it may “appear”
  3. The Universe is vast and abundant.  There is more than enough for everyone.
  4. Get clear on what makes a “Full Life” for you and know that it is possible
  5. Living in the fullness of life enables God to be fully expressed

I encourage you to live your Full Life and allow God to be Fully expressed in your life.

I look forward to hearing your stories of how you are living your Full Life as well as when “the teacher came”, how the “teacher came”, and what lessons you were reminded of and/or taught.

God Bless and Continue to Live By the Spirit.

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One Response

  1. What a wonderful and inspirational lesson.
    Thank you so much.


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