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Choose to Be Free

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May 12, 2010

Speak your purpose into being, choose to be free from limitation...

One of the greatest freedoms we have is the freedom to choose. It is interesting to observe what things we choose to choose.  We feel quite capable to choose simple things like what we eat, or what to wear.  For those of us who feel more aware, we’ve learned we can choose our attitudes and states of mind.  But I wonder how often we meditate in order to co-create with Spirit our choice to be free from limitation.

I came across a post recently that is a perfect reminder about making the choice to believe in ourselves, and more poignantly, to believe in God’s power in our lives to bring forth our talents and abilities.  Last week I wrote about openness from the perspective of my experience of learning to speak up through my creative talents. This week I found the website of Scott Kalechstein who is a singer, songwriter and teacher (among so many other blessed gifts).  In one of his posts, Scott wrote about his journey to becoming a singer. So much of his gift of singing came from the strength of his choice to free himself from thoughts of limitation and utilize that energy to take seeming risk and pursue a passion.  Those beliefs were ultimately activated by the Spirit and turned into great opportunities.

Scott mentioned how we cast spells on ourselves by the limiting beliefs we choose to believe.  The choice to believe in those limitations puts our potential in shackles and binds us to the endless jail of doubt.  For Scott specifically, it was the disbelief around his ability to sing.  What mental and verbal spells are we casting on ourselves?  How are we talking about the things we desire that may very well be creating the spell of limitation or hindrance?

I have had to practice choosing to be free from self-doubt and limiting thoughts in small ways starting with the things I say.   I no longer say things like: “That’s crazy!” in response to something that basically means “That’s unbelievable to me,” and creates limiting belief.  So instead I have started to say: “Totally acceptable!”  In a small, but significant way I am choosing to speak differently about what I call Abundance-Proving occurrences that happen in my life.

When someone suggests you pursue a talent that you have shown skill or passion for, do you thank them and smile or choose to give some reason why doing so is not yet possible?  What happens on the inside when people mention ways in which you can pursue something bold and fascinating? Do you agree in excitement and then share the ideas you’ve been contemplating, or do you choose to hesitate, as you feel your insides constrict and choose instead to explain away the possibilities.  These are all choices of limitation that we run to when we are scared or intimidated or unsure.

Through our speech, both verbal and mental, we are communicating to the Universe that we do not believe, we do not want, we are afraid and so a block is created while the very thing we want stands patiently waiting for our belief to invite it into our reality.

I learned four valuable things about choosing to be free from limitation and speaking your purpose into being after reading Scott’s post:

  1. Choose positive-speak – Speak about what you want or what you do in positive terms.  Release the language of limitation and break the spell of doubt. And it doesn’t hurt to throw in some gratitude to Spirit as well for the ability, gift, thought or opportunity you are pursuing.
  2. Follow through – It’s ok not to know the “how” but the “what” is when you take the very next step towards your goal or dream.  Show up and be present for the process.  Practice, take classes, read, network…and remain OPEN.
  3. Encourage yourself – It’s great when others do it, but be sure to do it for yourself too so when potential naysayers come to visit you can choose to free yourself from the negative energy or thought and keep moving in the direction and path laid before you.
  4. Have fun – Sometimes the journey of freedom is hard work, sure it is.  But have fun with all of it.  Eckhart Tolle put it grandly when he quipped “Play with forms!” The choice to be free means being able to change and be fluid, to try and release, to taste and explore.  It should be fun and ultimately rewarding.

Last week, I encouraged you to Open Your Mouth and Speak Up…this week I encourage you to do the same, but with a twist…when you speak, I want to challenge you to choose to speak of only what you positively want. Choose the greatest choice of all, choose your freedom to choose and create and believe and activate….and then accept every opportunity that comes along to practice and do and share that gift or skill or information.


(by Scott Kalechstein) *For Scott, his desire was to boldly pursue his passion for singing, though initially doubtful, he was inspired and moved to action.  For you, it may be starting a business or cooking or some other wonderful creative venture.  Replace the words as you need, but be blessed by the passionate request to choose freedom and co-create with Spirit!

“OK, God, you gave me this love of music and song. I can’t think of anything in the world I’d rather do than celebrate life through singing. I’m going to bet that if you gave me the dream, then you will guide me on the path of having my dream come true. I’m going to take these lessons, God. I’m also going to sing, privately and publicly, at any chance I get. I’m going to become a singing fool. And I trust that with each song I sing, You are helping me to develop a beautiful voice that I can use to spread joy on this planet. God, here’s the deal. I’ll open my mouth. You, make me a singer!!”


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Erica…I know you wrote this just for me as I keep being led on this journey of singing 🙂 Somebody asked me the other day “what is your core talent?” The first thing that came to mind was singing, which I would have never said a year ago but that is what came bubbling out of my spirit. Also I have been sick over the past 2 weeks and lost my voice for a few days, and my biggest concerns were “I can’t sing” and “what if my voice comes back and I can’t sing”. So, when 2 or more come together….”Okay God, You make me a singer!!!”
    Thanks Again 😀

    • Glad the post spoke directly to your spirit. Scott’s story is a good reminder of the power of faith and practice indeed! You’re welcome!

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