SPEAK: Growth So Good It Makes You Wanna Shout!

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

Growth So Good It Makes You Wanna Shout!

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

April 28, 2010

This is dedicated to growth that feels so good you want to shout!

This is dedicated to all of those moments when you realize that you have indeed stepped out of the mud and into the sunlight…or better yet, still find yourself waist deep in the dirt and still have reason to celebrate because you know you are in the midst of something that is helping you to grow.

This is for the “aha moments” that burst forth and changes the way you think, do and respond from that day forth.  That’s growth!

Growth is in the occasion where you find the courage to speak authentically and honestly, hold fast to focus and root yourself in your spiritual foundation.  It’s the times you are proud of yourself and tell yourself so!

This is dedicated to the great feeling that emerges when you know you’ve helped someone along the path to their purpose, shared a word that made them think or get up or discover the quiet of their center.  This is for the times that we realize that our experiences have helped us share wisdom with others…making all those experiences seem so much more magnificent…both theirs and our own.

This is in honor of the great beings that we are just by flowering the way that we have…being open to the process of being planted and fertilized by a power greater than ourselves and trusting in that energy…in God…in the Universe to provide everything we need in each moment.  This is dedicated to the moments that we feel that Love and smile with gratefulness.

This is for those times when we’ve done all we can do, stayed up late, gave it one more try, kept the faith and let go and let God…this is for the times where all you could do was pray…and so you did…and the circumstance CHANGED! This is for the times you set a goal and took one action towards that goal each day…this is for the day when after all was said and done…the time FINALLY came.  This is for the moment of victory that came after much perseverance…you pushed passed the weeds, through the rain and came out in full bloom! Think about that feeling…it’s moments like these when you throw your hands in the air and exclaim “YES!”

This is dedicated to the miracle of growth…how even we, much like plants and flowers, begin as a seed, withstand and are nurtured in our environment, and by the time we bloom, even our petals have a story to tell with their varied and bold colors, our collective likeness and simultaneous uniqueness.  Gather a bunch of us and what a beautiful garden we create!

This is a reminder that the focus is not just on the work and the toiling, the unearthing and the weeding, but also on the sprouting and blooming, the spreading and reaching.  Think of the joy you feel when you see a beautiful flower, or when someone surprises you with your favorite bouquet…the smile, the exclamation, the gratitude!  Now just think…this is what God is seeing in us every day…this beautiful arrangement of experiences and moments, loving care given and sincere comfort provided, words of affirmation exchanged and intentional acts of kindness among strangers.  Every day this is happening to us and/or to others…we are indeed growing!

This month was the month we celebrate coming out of the cool, dark earth, where a miracle took place and revealed us to our truer selves…the month where we lifted our heads up towards the light, and gave way to another moment to live the greatest that is in us!

I throw my arms open wide,

Let the sun shine boldly on my face,

I laugh at the tears drying upon my cheeks,

praise You for the miracle taking place within me,

and celebrate the process that has made me such a beautiful flower!


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