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Sowing Seeds of Love

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April 15, 2010

imageIn this month that focuses on Growing By the Spirit, it is only appropriate that the resounding message for me this week was “You reap what you sow”.  As I spoke with family, friends, and clients, it seemed that the phrase kept being used over and over again.

The phrase always seemed to have a negative connotation and used as a warning to avoid reaping “bad karma”.  However, as I heard the phrase this week, it seemed that each person was sharing ways in which they had sown positivity and good things into someone’s life, and now they were receiving aka reaping the “blessings” from the seeds that they sowed into other people’s lives.  I then thought about this concept…the reaping of today is based on the seeds that were sown in the past…so what is being planted today will lead to what is reaped tomorrow and in the future.  Thus, it is so important that we are consciously choosing the seeds we are planting today.

In this season of planting seeds that will yield beautiful flowers and delicious summer fruits and vegetables, I began to reflect on the process of sowing and reaping.  I thought about how some plants grow quickly, while others take longer.  I also thought about how some plants return year after year, while others must be replanted over and over again.  Lastly, I began to think about the nurturing that is needed to ensure the proper and healthy growth of the seeds so that they yield beautiful healthy plants.

However, before the planting can take place, you must first prepare the garden.  For those who have gardened or tried to remove weeds, you know the difficulty that can ensue as you prepare your land, your fertile ground.  While some aspects of gardening and de-weeding can go smoothly and effortlessly, other aspects take serious work and effort.  Just when you think you are at the root, a weed breaks off midway and you have to dig deeper.  Some weeds you pull and pull with all of your might but they don’t seem to give at all.  Sometimes you even have to enlist the help of others, tools and/or products to aid in the ongoing gardening process.  All to ensure that you will yield a beautiful, healthy, and plentiful garden.

Prior to my month of retreating and reflecting, I had begun to realize that my personal garden had some weeds that needed to be uprooted and replaced with “seeds of love”.  While some clearing and de-weeding was simple, others ran deep and took time to uproot.  At times, I thought that I had gotten to the “root” of an issue only to find out that I had to dig deeper to remove and understand the original essence that led to the weed in the first place. This de-weeding led to the discovery and expression of many feelings and memories.  This reflection also led to an understanding of patterns and choices as well as decisions that have been made over the years.  Once these weeds were removed, I was able to prepare the ground and “sow seeds of love.”

Now that the seeds are planted, I have to take the time to tend to my personal garden and newly planted seeds of love. I am conscious of any weeds (i.e. negative thoughts, fears, etc.) that may try to “choke” newly planted seeds of hope, love, and optimism, and remove them as quickly as they begin to “sprout”.  I plan on nurturing these seeds by drinking plenty of water, spending time in the sun, and eating properly to ensure that I am getting my nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  I will also regularly tend to my garden to ensure that it is receiving the proper cleaning and clearing. Lastly I plan on spending some quiet time with Spirit praying and meditating so that I can grow with Spirit and become exactly what I was created to be.

As the seasons progress, I look forward to reaping the benefits of “sowing seeds of love.”

In this season of Spring, I encourage you tend to your personal garden and do the necessary work so that you can blossom and grow into all that you were created to be. I look forward to hearing your stories this month about how you are Growing by the Spirit.

God Bless and Continue to Live By the Spirit.

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One Response

  1. Sowing seeds of Love. Thank you for this insightful and timely message. Love is truly eternal.

    I’m reminded:
    1 Corinthians 13:13 (Today’s New International Version)
    13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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