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The Closer I Get to You

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April 8, 2010

Growing with Spirit means Growing with Perfect Love

It seems as though songs are popping up in my Spirit just as the flowers are popping up with Spring.  The song in my Spirit right now is…sing with Ms. Roberta Flack and me… “The closer I get to you, the more you make me feel…” The closer I get to Spirit, the more I Grow with Spirit, the more I feel, the more I see.

In the last few months, we have activated another level of intimacy with Spirit, which breeds a deeper level of relationship with Spirit.  We often think of intimacy as a word that is associated with a physical connection between two people.  However the concept of intimacy is much deeper than “just” a physical connection.  Intimacy is defined as closeness and/or “belongingness” between people.

My definition of intimacy is Trust + Vulnerability = Intimacy.  Oh boy, trust and vulnerability, two concepts that often make people feel uncomfortable and lead them to do things to “protect” themselves…to pull away instead of draw closer together.  Yet, there is something so deep and so special about relationships that allow you to be vulnerable…relationships where you are able to trust that the other person will not hurt you or take advantage of you. Trust and vulnerability are essential elements that lead to the Greatest friendships and the Greatest loves.

My relationship with Spirit has always been private, one that only a few have been privy to … it has been a very intimate relationship … and you don’t share that with everyone.  However, over the years, as my work has “called” me to be in contact with more people, I have shared more about my relationship with Spirit.  I have allowed others into that intimate space.  As I have and am growing with Spirit, I have been asked to increase my level of Trust and Vulnerability by sharing my thoughts, experiences, and beliefs as well as the ways in which Spirit and I have worked and continue to work together.  However, just like in any relationship, there is a side, a level of intimacy that remains private and is between “just the two of us” (that’s right sing with me).

As I continue to Grow with Spirit, I am being asked to do more, share more, and being placed in what I previously would have called a “vulnerable” position, which lead to “growing pains” and the uncomfortable feelings (i.e. nervousness, anxiousness, worry, etc.).  Yet because I trust Spirit, I know that I can and will work through these “growing pains” and uncomfortable feelings, and move into a place of strength, a place of assuredness, and a place confidence.  The closer I get to You, the more You make me feel…As I grow with Spirit, I learn more about my feelings and managing my emotions.  I am also learning the importance and role of emotions in our lives (conversation for another day).

So as you Grow with Spirit, I encourage you to strengthen the intimate connection between you and Spirit.

I look forward to hearing your stories this month about how you are Growing by the Spirit.

God Bless and Continue to Live By the Spirit.

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One Response

  1. Obligations and Responsibilities did not allow me to post a reply sooner. And, I was somewhat at a loss for words. I too am a very private person when it comes to my Spirit-life. The truth be told I was okay with the Trust-part of the equation. However, the Vulnerability-part was out of the question (me, as a man, be vulnerable, intentionally -no way). For at least two years now I’ve known that some things in my life need to change. For a year now I have committed to accepting and to helping to bring about that change. I’ve known as far back as memory can take me: true change begins with me. So, I tried my hand at Vulnerability with one of my few true-friends.

    I shared certain facts with this friend that I would NEVER (did I say never) have shared with anyone. Especially with someone of the opposite gender.
    I immediately felt liberated. I can now imagine how a Catholic brother or sister must feel after Confession. As we talked I got feed-back and reinforcement on several issues I always thought to be true but could not prove them to be so. I gained a different/broader perspective on a few things where I previously had tunnel-vision. And, I observed a true-friend relationship blossom into a close special-friend relationship.

    I’m reminded of the following scripture:

    Proverbs 18:24 (GOD’S WORD Translation)
    24Friends can destroy one another,
    but a loving friend can stick closer than family
    In closing, I cannot get that song out of my head now;
    “The closer I get to you……

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