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Go With the Flow

© 2010 Dr. Kathleen E. Walls

March 18, 2010

Go with the flow!

“Go with the Flow” is what resounded in me this morning.  Since I have been called to “retreat” this month, I have been reflecting on my life and thinking about my “personal truth”… that which I know to be true of and for me.  I thought about times when God and I have moved seamlessly and effortlessly as one and times when I have struggled.  I realized that I usually experience struggle when I am going against the “current of Spirit”, when I am not “going with the flow”.

For me, going with the flow means being in alignment with Spirit.  Knowing that Spirit and I are working together toward my greatest good.  It does not mean that I will not encounter difficulties or challenges; however, when I am fortified by Spirit and going with the flow, I know that I am with my perfect partner, the ONE who will help me navigate the “waters of life”.  When I am Fortified by the Spirit, I can see a possible way around and beyond a situation, as well as know that I am strong enough to withstand the situation.  When I am Fortified by the Spirit, a situation that once would have caused me to shudder, tremble, or even try to avoid it is seen as manageable and possibly not even a difficult situation at all.  There is the KNOWING that I am equipped and that I am going to come out better on the other side of the situation.

In Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, she states, “All that you are seeking is also seeking you”.  Therefore, when you “go with the flow”, you know that you are like a magnet, picking up, attracting and being led to that which you seek and desire.  Thus, it is inevitable that you will receive all that you were created to receive. So Fortify yourself with Spirit and “go with the flow”. God Bless and continue to Live by the Spirit.

I encourage you to partner up, fortify yourself, and get into the flow of Spirit.  I look forward to reading your thoughts and stories about times when you were able to “go with the flow”.

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