SPEAK: Fortify By The Spirit — There is Strength in Allowing

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with Erica A. Hawthorne

There is Strength in Allowing

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

March 17, 2010

“Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe.”
Eckhart Tolle

We are strengthened when we choose nonresistance... (photo by Karo)

At one time, if you told me that my greatest strength could come from not resisting, I don’t think I would have believed you.  Honestly there are even times now that I have to remind myself that sometimes the best thing to do is to release and allow things to flow.  And by “allowing things to flow” I don’t mean to throw caution to the wind completely.

But there is something to be said for the progress that is made along the path of least resistance.  We must challenge ourselves to avoid becoming an impasse to our own growth and fortitude.  To remind me of this, a friend once left a note on my mirror that read: “Get Out of Your Own Way.”  It was a good reminder and also the inspiration for the following poem that reminds me my greatest strength comes from nonresistance.


Get out of your own way
Stop blocking the “is” that could be
with the “was” that was and the
“what ifs” that haven’t been.

Move into the light so you can see,
question and be not afraid of the answer,
especially the ones from your heart.

Listen without discrimination to the possibility,
hum the melody of “maybe so”.
If only you will but try
be willing to fail miserably,
and sing of your own tenacity,
and not the failure…
which was but a conduit for ingenuity.

Lay down your burdens,
rest a while in your own soul,
walk barefoot around your own abode,
light a candle in your palm,
and feel the flame of desire.
Let it leave its mark there,
blow the ashes in the direction of your next adventure
to mark the way and denounce complacency.

Release expectations and allow
the script to be written,
the plot developed as you go along,
the end yet unknown.

Get our of your own way,
by the manner in which you act,
and through the words you say…

Let them both welcome your path towards the positive,
and the good…

Live the “be” and “I am”
of each and every day…

For what do you have to lose,
if by releasing,
it means
you fall
into something


© 2009 Erica A. Hawthorne

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