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SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with Erica A. Hawthorne

Make Room to Be Strengthened

March 10, 2010

Clearing the clutter makes room for the things that strengthen you.

For the past few weeks I’ve been practicing one of my sincere passions: organizing and repurposing!  Fortunately for me, I have a number of great friends who allow me to “practice” my appreciation for all things organized and uncluttered on them!  I don’t see home and office organization as just a way to keep things clean and in their place.  On the contrary, I believe that our ability to live in clutter-free, and smartly designed homes are in fact reflections of our ability to live in much of the same way in our non-tangible lives.  And I’m not the only one that believes that uncluttering, decorating and organizing allow us to live our best, most productive and strengthened lives…

As I helped friends put up shelves and clean out cabinets, I felt as if we were doing much more important work than just making the house look spiffy.  In both cases while helping my friends, one moving into a new place and one focused on moving out, the need was similar: to clear space, make room, so that better, more productive things could come forth.  For me it was an exciting prospect!  Being able to throw out and get rid of the chipped dishes, the worn out seating, or put up a functional, space-saving wall fixture was like giving them a new lease on life and a new use for their home!  I’d like to say my dear friends celebrated every suggestion I made to get rid of one thing or the other or move this or that to another location, but not everyone was happy about me asking them to take something they had become so accustomed to having (notice I didn’t say ‘using’) and letting it go.

But when we are talking about being fortified and strengthened by the Spirit that is exactly what we must be willing to do.  Otherwise we find ourselves weighed down and drained, unable to maximize the full potential of our lives.  And sometimes it’s not that we need to get rid of something in our lives as much as we need to simply “repurpose” it.  For example, repurposing our time would do much to open up new possibilities in our lives as well as strengthen the things we already do.

We could be ten times more productive if we cut back on cluttering our day with multitasking and over-working, in exchange for giving focused, time appropriate attention to all that we do and stopping when it is time to stop.

Many of us struggle tremendously with the concept of making room in our schedules.  We will work late, bring work home and allow ourselves to take on more, when the truth is, we are overwhelmed.  If some of our lives were a house, we’d need two Niecy Nash’s and a U-Haul to make room!

We have collected so much stuff… papers, projects, clothes, tasks, beliefs, habits, money, negative thinking, etc. etc.  We have hindered our own progress and become disconnected with the Spirit within us by the sheer fact that we have either held on to too much or been unwilling to change and utilize something for a different purpose.   It is draining us of our very essence and potential and enough is enough!  We cannot receive the full blessing of abundance, nor maximize our greater strengths and talents when we have filled each and every crevice of our lives with the “stuff” of blinding busiest and cluttered expectations…nor can we be fully renewed.

We are strengthened by Spirit most wonderfully when we make room in our lives for wide open, clear space (in our hearts especially) and allow God to zone, repurpose and organize us in a way that fortifies our very purpose!

So as the Spring season is right around the corner, we can consider how a little early “Spring-cleaning” may do our homes and our spirit some good.

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One Response

  1. So wise, so insightful, so true!!!!!

    Purging and re-purposing is essential within and around us. The energy in a well organized, de-cluttered space seems to clear my mind of blockages as well. Today I commit to identifying my clutter zones, changing the energy and (with your great talent and guidance, of course … hint hint lol) making way for love in all areas by removing fear. Angry don’t live here no more (lol) and soon neither will his friends Fear and Clutter! Hey, that’s a new poem coming…

    SHINE Contributor Tonya

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