SHINE: Fortify By The Spirit — False Advertising & God’s Truth

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

False Advertising & God’s Truth

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

Everything that you need or want in your life will begin to arrive when you’re in-Spirit: The right people will show up, the financing will materialize, those around you will be attracted to your enthusiasm and commitment, and you’ll be a source of inspiration to others.

Wayne Dyer, Your Ultimate Calling: 365 Ways to Bring Inspiration into Your Life – #237

Sale SignIf you spend any amount of time watching TV, listening to the radio, reading magazines, attending sporting events or just walking or driving down the street, you are on the receiving end – knowingly and unknowingly – of a constant and relentless barrage of advertising messages. “BUY THIS, BUY NOW, DON’T WAIT” and “YOU NEED THIS BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE YOU BETTER/SEXIER/THINNER/STRONGER/SAFER” are but a few of the bazillion messages that we receive all day every day in every conceivable place (even the bathroom stall of that restaurant or coffee shop you frequent … sigh).

We are told constantly that we are not good enough in some way on our own and that we need a laundry list of products and services to complete us. And it seems that 99.9% of these offerings are external things we are advised to put in or on ourselves that have nothing to do with our spiritual well-being. Worse yet, most of the promised benefits are at best over-exaggerated or false and at worst actually harmful (yeah, that great, expensive shampoo you’ve been using even though your hair continues to get thinner and drier … see info about sulfates as a case in point!!)

In fact, rarely do we receive reminders that we are made in the image and likeness of the great “I AM” and are therefore already complete. The only thing we really need is to remember this essential truth – everything we need is already inside of us. We will never have all “the answers” but thankfully we do have the “Answer”. And the answer is Spirit.

The great part is that when we remember the source of our spiritual fortitude, everything we need for a sound mind, body and soul to insure our greatest self-will SHINE shows up, just as Wayne Dyer affirms in the quote above. Jesus spoke of this reality too when He told us to seek first the kingdom of God and that all of our needs and wants would soon follow (Matthew 6: 25-34).

So remember, like the Sun, Spirit is always there. Even when it’s overcast, even when it’s raining, even when there is a torrential downpour and yes even when it’s the dark of night. The sun remains in its rightful place, shining brightly, emitting rays of light and warmth and so does the indwelling magnificence of Spirit.

Thankfully the Creator always meets you where you are in order to insure your fullest potential. The key, though, is not to look outside of your self but to look inside and to realize that you are already protected and provided for because God’s greatest desire is your peace and your best self. The Creator may not take out a Superbowl ad or send circulars through the mail. But God doesn’t need to. God is not trying to make a sale, but only to end your suffering and save your soul.

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  1. Sometimes all you can say is….Amen!!!

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