SHINE: Fortify By The Spirit — Victory in God’s Power, Not Will Power

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Victory in God’s Power, Not Will Power

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

March 1, 2010

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Psalms 18:32

There's victory in a solid foundation

Okay, now that we have partnered with Spirit in preparation for the divinely inspired journey that lies ahead, it’s time to use the Creator’s strength gained through partnership to FORTIFY ourselves by the Spirit! But because you have activated and partnered with God in your life, being fortified by the Spirit is not really something you do so much as it is something – a victory, actually – you simply acknowledge and claim. This is one thing that sounds too good to be true but actually isn’t! By shining the light on God’s indwelling presence and Divine power we reveal the truth – that even in our perceived weakness we are all-powerful because GOD IS ALL POWERFUL.

Reflect for a moment on the definition of the word “fortify”. To fortify is to make strong, to strengthen and secure, to give courage or endurance, or even to add material to for strengthening or enriching. And these definitions absolutely describe what the presence of God’s power in our lives can do. The Creator provides strength, security, endurance and a life that is enriched beyond measure. In fact, God is the only true fortifying source we have available to us. Everything else is nothing more than an empty promise that can’t deliver and therefore leaves us vulnerable to attack from outside and even from within. We are rendered defenseless when we build our lives on sinking sand  rather than the type of God-centered foundation (with love, forgiveness, compassion and peace) that always stands up to any and every storm of life.

Remember we are God’s children made and fortified in the image of divinity. And therefore we are armed with the strength needed to overcome obstacles, fend off temptation, and remain impervious to anything that can lead us off the path that God planned for us to achieve wholeness. You need only look behind you to see all of the challenges you have overcome and come through to prove this point. You can’t explain it. But here you are. Still standing. Still moving. Still growing. Still blessed because of and in spite of yourself. You are strong and secure not because of anything you’ve done but because of who you are!

So this month choose to shine the light of truth on the reality that your strength does not come from your will power or effort but by yielding to and acknowledging God’s power in your life. As Lesson 261 of A Course in Miracles teaches, “God is my refuge and security.” Seek not security and peace in transitory things but in the One who knew you and wanted the best for you before you even existed. FORTIFY and SHINE!

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