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Submitting to Spirit

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February 25, 2010

Many years ago, I read an article that broke down the definition of submission.  As I read the word “submission”, I felt my body getting tense, shoulders tightening, and my face starting to show a “sister-girl” attitude with the running commentary in my head “I ain’t submitting to no one”.

Despite all of those “extra” thoughts running through my body, I continued to read the article.  The author went on to define “submission” by breaking it into two parts, its prefix, sub (under), and mission (goal or vision); hence submission means “to come under a goal or vision”.  My body exhaled, and I sat and pondered the beauty of that definition and it’s goal of true partnership…Divine partnership.

The article went on to say that a man could not ask a woman to be his wife until he had a clear mission or vision for a woman to come under.  I continued to flesh out this thought in my own mind, and thought about the importance of both partners having submitted to Spirit and being clear of their individual “God-appointed purpose/mission” prior to partnering with someone else.  Therefore, they would be “seeing with Spiritual vision” as the looked and waited for their Divine partner.  Hence, the phrase “equally yoked” came rushing to the forefront of my mind.

Years later, I still marvel and get excited about the idea of two people having submitted themselves to Spirit first, and then partnering with each other. This type of partnership, Spirit + the couple, reminds me of  Dr. Pennie’s post last week, “A Three-cord Strand is not easily broken”, because it makes such a formidable union, one of Divine clarity and purpose.  Take a moment and imagine the strength behind a single-minded mission and vision that all parties are working toward…being of one mind…working together as if you were of one body with an entity greater than yourselves.  Whew…What a beautiful example of Divine partnership and Living by the Spirit!!!

As the focus of this month, Partnering with Spirit, comes to an end, remember that the process of Partnering with Spirit continues.   I encourage you to stay connected to Spirit and to submit to Spirit first…remembering that “what God has for you is better than you could ever think or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

God Bless and continue to Live by the Spirit.

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One Response

  1. Kat, I ain’t even gonna lie–not too many years ago, I had the same going “sista-girl” at the thought of someone talking about submitting. LOL

    You are so right on two points in your article that makes all the difference: (1) that a man cannot ask a woman to be his wife until he had a clear mission or vision for a woman to come under; and (2) both partners have to submit to Spirit and be clear of their individual “God-appointed purpose/mission” prior to partnering with someone else.

    I think the latter holds greater meaning because every mission or vision requires different skills, abilities and strengths to bring to fruition. Even to be properly yoked I believe each person has to see the same goal in different ways or see the same adversarial situation in different forms of threat. This ensures the partnership doesn’t miss an opportunity or be ill-prepared for a challenge. Great thoughts!

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