SHINE: Partnering with Spirit – Seeing with Spiritual Vision Part Two

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Seeing with Spiritual Vision – Part Two

Close Your Eyes to See

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

February 22, 2010

Woman in prayer

Partner with Spirit

We recharge everything from our PDAs and laptops to our MP3 players and bluetooth devices in order to ensure all of our worldly resources are ready to connect at any time. Because after all, it is unthinkable that we might actually be unable to talk, text, e-mail or download the latest music. When the “low battery” icon starts flashing, we race to plug in our device so there’s enough power available to get us through the next day. But when it comes to recharging our spiritual lives to ensure we can always connect to THE source … well, that’s something that seems only to get attention when crisis hits and we find our spiritual lives devoid of the power necessary to get us over, around or through.

We face trials and tribulations and then ask where God is, seemingly unaware that the Creator is ever-present. We lose sight of His omnipresence because we haven’t recharged our spiritual battery and therefore lack the divine power that comes only from an intimate, consistent connection with God through prayer, meditation, reflection and rest. With God’s vision, we see clearly. But absent God’s (in)sight, only darkness abounds.

Even Jesus took the time to step away from the throngs of crowds in legitimate need and from his very disciples who desired to be with him in every moment (see Matt 13:1-2, Matt 15:29, John 4:6, Matt 8:24-26, Mark 6:31, Mark 4:35-38). He recognized and honored the need to rest and renew himself in the Spirit. He understood that in order to see with 20/20 spiritual vision he needed to recharge his mind, body and soul in order to maintain an omnipotent connection with Divine power. He remembered from where his strength emanated and he knew instinctively when it was time to retreat from his followers and from his disciples so that he could rest and be restored for the innumerable tasks at hand.

His example is a powerful reminder that in order to see with spiritual vision, sometimes you must first close your eyes.

Power plugTo recharge means to refresh, restore, revitalize or revive energy, stamina, and enthusiasm. Or simply put, to silence the deafening sound of the hustle and bustle of life in order to hear God’s still small voice and recharge yourself by accessing the power of Spirit. To begin again with a new perspective on your life as God would have it be, free from the distracting thoughts, feelings, circumstances and people who drain your energy and vitality and separate you from your Divine power source, the very wellspring of life.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you partnered with God by unplugging yourself from busyness and worry and over-scheduling and anxiety and plugged into God’s power by recharging yourself in stillness, love, forgiveness and peace. Imagine what your life and circumstances would look like if you were fully renewed in God’s love. I am renewed just by the thought. Selah (pause, and thank on that)!

Man praying

Close your eyes and see!

So as you begin a new week, choose to see with spiritual vision. Choose to renew yourself by unplugging from the world and plugging into omnipotence! Achieve 20/20 spiritual vision through rest, exercise, prayer, meditation, yoga, forgiveness, laughter, service … love. Please forward this post link to others and share below your insights on the ways this post has resonated in your life. I look forward to your comments and suggestions on how we can close our eyes … and finally see!

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4 Responses

  1. NB,

    Excellent. That’s where the REAL power is. But then again you already knew that. So this is just a divine reminder. For all of us!



  2. There is something empowering about the very act of making the decision to “plug” into the Source. That decision, at the moment it is made, provides immediate clarity. Suddenly, regardless of the circumstance, I know I’ve made the right decision and I’m headed in the right direction. It’s amazing how often we neglect to make that decision, even when we know there’s power in the plug! We have the plug right in our hand and we still stay in the dark. Great entry today, Tonya! I’m signing off and plugging in 🙂 Shine on…

  3. Tonya,
    Now you have my mind racing on so many thoughts. You could have stopped after the first paragraph with the thought of “plugging and recharging” oneself Spiritually. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I also watched the third Matrix this weekend when Neo went back to The Source so that Zion could live in Peace. It wasn’t until he went “blind” that he could see (Was blind but now I see…sing along)….could see with the eyes of The Source and all of the Light was beautiful. Okay, I could go on and on. Thank you for sharing this InSightful post!!!

    • Thank YOU for reading and sharing. Yes, I could blog for 52 weeks about this very topic! And I am also talking to myself in this post. The thought came TO me and then THROUGH me.

      Peace and light!


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