LIVE: Partnering with Spirit — The “Unexpected” Wrapping

LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls

The “Unexpected” Wrapping

© 2010 Kathleen E. Walls

January 18, 2010

I love presents!  Sometimes the wrapping is so beautiful and you want to take your time opening the gift; while at other times, you just want to tear off the paper like a kid at Christmas.  It is so exciting to receive a gift that you have been waiting for.  But what if the gift comes in a wrapping that you weren’t expecting?  Does that mean that gift isn’t any good or that it won’t meet your needs?  How do you know that a present is something that you want when it isn’t wrapped the way you expect?

As I thought about Valentine’s Day approaching and the idea of partnership, I flipped through the memories of past relationships, and began to list the qualities that I felt I needed and would compliment me in the form of a physical partner. The clearer I was, the better I felt. I imagined myself sitting at “The Partnership Restaurant” and I was placing my order…”Yes, I would like an order of consideration, definitely an order of words and actions match, and yes for dessert, I would love some accept me for who I am.”  “Oh and just for fun, can I please have an order of loves to go out and have a good time every once in a while…. Thank You.”

Now, of course the order went on and on and I couldn’t wait.  I knew exactly what “it…the order” was going to look like.  I thought about the fun things that we would do and the places that we would go.  I couldn’t wait, I was clear in my spirit and I was ready to partner.  And then out of the blue…okay, the snow…came an unexpected package. It wasn’t wrapped the way I expected but it contained everything that I had asked for…I’ll be doggone on…what am I supposed to do with this?  At first, I felt like saying, “this isn’t what I ordered” but as time passed I realized it was, it just looked different from what I expected.  So I had to ask myself “did the “wrapping” need to change or did I need to change my perspective?”

Many times it seems that we have a preconceived notion of what our “perfect partner” is going to look like, sound like, or be like but when we turn our partnering over to Spirit; hence, when we “let go and let God”, we receive something “better than we could ever think or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).  Throughout the week, I heard and was reminded of many stories of people who have and are navigating divinely appointed partnerships with people or in professional ventures they least expected.  These partnerships are with people older, younger, same-sex, different ethnicity, and/or career opportunities they least expected.  Yet under the “unexpected wrapping” was the gift that they always wanted and needed.

I thank God for the beautiful reminder this week “not to judge a gift by it’s wrapping”.   By “Letting go and letting God” and remaining open to receive what God had in store for me the way that I needed it, I was able to receive my perfect gift.  Remember, when you Live by the Spirit, “God does it better than we could ever think or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).  God Bless and continue to Live by the Spirit.

If you have ever received the “perfect package in unexpected wrapping”, be it a relationship, job, career move, etc., please share your story.

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