SHINE: Partnering with Spirit – Seeing with Spiritual Vision Part One

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Seeing with Spiritual Vision: Part One

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

February 15, 2010

Namaste – The God in me sees and honors the God in you.


If you’ve ever taken a yoga class (or greeted a zen Buddhist), you’ve undoubtedly encountered the greeting “Namaste.” Namaste is a simple word that signals the greeter recognizes the divinty in the other person. The word is uttered as the greeter bows with reverence. The greeting is stated before any other words are exchanged, as if to set the tone for the encounter. What a wonderful way to begin any situation; to recognize right up front that God exists in both parties, thus eliminating any thoughts of separation or “other-ness” to justify treating someone else as anything other than the child of God that they are.

But perhaps Namaste is easier said than lived. Sure, saying Namaste at the end of yoga class is one thing (and sometimes even that is difficult). But saying it to the guy you cuts you off in traffic while texting, the callous boss who never acknowledges your invaluable contributions in the workplace, the ungrateful children who take but rarely give, the spouse who criticizes but never affirms, or the sorry excuse for a person who violated your most intimate boundaries … well that’s something else entirely. Or is it?

I have lived long enough to know that things are not always what they seem at first sight. Not situations. Not people. Not even ourselves. I also know that my vision is limited and God’s vision is omniscient. And I know for sure that, as Lesson 44 in A Course in Miracles teaches, “God is the light in which I see.” Therefore, when we see with the eyes of God, we see God; that is, we see past the external “ungodly” packaging and truly see the things of God – love, peace, patience and kindness. And we see with our whole heart, even when at first sight what we view appears to be hate, unrest, impatience or downright evil. In fact, if it wasn’t for God’s truth and indwelling in all creations, we would not truly see at all. We would know only darkness in our lives and,therefore, see only darkness in others.

One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Spirit in your life is seeing people, places and things with spiritual vision. By that I mean recognizing God’s SHINE in others, even (and especially) when they’ve forgotten who they are and therefore act outside of the character and will of the Creator.

No, this isn’t like seeing the world and its worldly issues with rose-colored glasses, necessarily. Rather, seeing with spiritual vision means to see with the eyes of God. To see only love and to view all those seemingly unloving things and people as cleverly disguised cries to, as Marianne Williamson says, return to love.

I invite your comments on this post and suggestions on ways we can partner with Spirit to see God in all people and in all situations.


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  1. A wonderful message as we begin our Lenten journey.

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