SPEAK: A Prayer for Partnering with Spirit

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with Erica Hawthorne

A Prayer for Partnering with Spirit

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne      

"I am not whole on my own..."


 Once a friend suggested to me that I write my own personal prayer to God.  A prayer that I could memorize and say whenever I needed to be reminded of my closeness to Spirit.  I was so inspired by the thought of doing this, that I indeed sat down not long after and wrote a prayer of my own.  I allowed the words to flow from my deepest desires, that I release all attachment to title, ego, status or the like, and surrender to that which the Creator would have of me.  I wrote a prayer that would remind me of my wholeness, not aside from Spirit, but within the great expansiveness of Spirit.      

I am not whole on my own, but I belong to you.
I am not of myself, but of  You and Your divine purpose.

I’m not whole on my own, but pieced together by your hand,

held together by your will.

I’m not led by any other wants, desires, or personal debates,
but ever yielding to that which you lay before me.
So today, as everyday, I listen for your voice,
walk in step with you,
And lay no claim to my own life so that I may be aligned with your way.

I kept this prayer with me everyday until I memorized it.  Now when I have moments where I doubt myself, or when life seems to get so hectic that I begin to lose grip on the handles of day-to-day life, I repeat this prayer.      

As we step into this month with the intent of partnering intentionally with Spirit, and rediscovering that intimate place through our words, thoughts and deed, allow me to share with you the poem turned prayer that helps bring me back to my center and back into the intimate partnership with the Spirit.  Prayerfully it will do the same for you.      

(follow the link to sonicbids.com and click the “audio” button to listen to “Whole Woman”)

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2 Responses

  1. you give new meaning to my understanding of, in the words of my former law professor/mentor/friend, “be still the mountain.” you help me define what it means to be grounded again and again. thank you.

  2. it was so lovely to hear your voice. really.
    you are such a star.

    thanks for sharing this. and the poem. “seeking blessings from God when we only pray half the time.” chills.

    a friend of mine told me recently she doesn’t really pray because we find ourselves so vulnerable in that moment of asking.

    so, i truly applaud you for not only praying but sharing your prayers with the community at large.

    on being whole–and ‘good enough’—here is a great post by Oriah.

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