SHINE: Activating Spirit — Lights, Camera … ACTION!

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Lights, Camera … Action!

© 2010 Tonya M. Evans

January 25, 2010

Quiet on the set! …  “Lights, camera aaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!”

This is a familiar phrase that movie and TV directors shout right before the cameras roll and the real deal begins. Before that, scripts are written and re-written (sometimes up to the last minute), lines are rehearsed, the props are set into place, wardrobe and makeup are donned, movements are blocked, lights and sound are tested and re-tested. All of this is done in preparation for the moment when every facet of the production culminates into the real shoot. And so it is with this inaugural month of posts we have shared. Rehearsal is over and now it’s time to SHINE!

In this month’s SHINE posts, we walked together through three fundamental ways to ACTIVATE SPIRIT in your life in this New Year for a NEW YOU.

First, I encouraged you to “Flip the Switch” within and affirm that you are committed and ready to step out of the dark shadow of doubt, lack and limitation and into the light of who you really are. I challenged you to claim the brilliant, radiant, infinite YOU without all the deceptive distractions and false limitations that constantly threaten to dim your awesome glow. And I received a lot of great feedback that many of you accepted the challenge!

Credit: AngMoKio

In week two, I declared “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Shine, Shine Again!” In that post, we explored the idea of beginning again and overcoming the perceived darkness inside and out. The trick, we discovered, is not to declare war and fight it but to seek and rely on God’s light within us to transcend the deceptive feelings of “less than” and “not enough” that lie to us and tell us we are not worthy of God’s infinite abundance.

Credit: BBC UK

And last week, I shared my own personal experiences of feeling my light dimming in response to the recent crisis and devastation in Haiti. I encouraged you and (myself!) to seek out and hold on to God’s light in the midst of dark and seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

And that leads us to this final week in Operation ACTIVATING SPIRIT! Now it’s time to convert the talk to walk and to step across the threshold into the life the Creator has in store for those who faithfully align with God’s light and truth.

Here are five tips to assist you in nurturing your inner glow so that you radiate the love and hope that is always inside you just waiting to burst through the clouds:

Credit: Wikimedia

  1. Meditate. Meditate for five minutes each morning and night. This will allow you to set and re-set your intention and focus on love instead of fear. (More on meditation)
  2. Pray. Have daily conversations with God. Open your heart to the Creator’s desire for your life and listen for the answers. Allow the mental noise in your head to decrease so God’s voice can increase in your heart. (More on prayer)
  3. Give. Volunteer your time, talents and treasures to those in need and change the focus from your problems to solutions for others. (Ways to bless others including Haiti Relief)
  4. Get more rest. Turn off the TV and computer and cell phone at least 30 minutes before bed and commit to an earlier bed time. (Benefits of sleep)
  5. Exercise. Walk, take the stairs at work, attend a yoga or spin class, swim, ride your bike,  or even buy Wii Fit (something I might do!). Remember to start where you are. A little goes a long way. (Benefits of exercise)
  • BONUS TIP: Visit every day for your daily dose of wisdom and inspiration!

Please leave a comment and share the ways you intend to let your light SHINE! Quiet on the set …. Ready? Lights, camera … ACTION!

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2 Responses

  1. Good site, good info. Uplifting. There is radiance in everyone. It may just have to be “buffed” every now and then.

  2. signing off for 30 minutes starting now and perhaps for the night. 🙂

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