SPEAK: Activating Spirit — A Prayer for the New Year

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with Erica Hawthorne

A Prayer for the New Year

© 2010 Erica A. Hawthorne

January 20, 2010

Credit: Abdullah Sabit

One of the most powerful uses of our inner voice is that of prayer. Studies have been done on the effects of prayer on the terminally ill as well as its effect on the human psyche. No matter whether your method of prayer is likened to a conversation with a good friend, or spent in a candlelit room, or in meditative silence, prayer changes things; especially our minds and subsequently, our actions.

Prayer, to me, is at the source of Speaking By the Spirit. It is the place where we focus inward in hopes for change that will become outwardly apparent. But change is not always an easy adjustment, as a matter of fact, many of us convince ourselves to stay in comfortable chaos rather than uncertain pleasure. So I offer a prayer to you in the New Year, for the courage to release old habits, worn-out attitudes and outdated beliefs in exchange for bold alternatives, unlimited opportunities and flexible options. Feel free to use this prayer in part or in its entirety for your greater good:

I acknowledge the places where I have been resistant and fearful in my everyday life and decision-making. I admit there are times in which I have been too afraid to act on my inner knowing for fear of failure or due to uncertainty. I can now acknowledge that my fears have not served me well and I am ready to face each moment no matter how uncertain I may feel.

In this New Year, I release thoughts of lack and exchange them for the belief of abundance. I now choose to believe that the Universe is giving me unlimited options and ideas this year and every year. I look for examples of wealth in my life and nature each day, and I thank God for them.

I have dreams and inspirations that are guided by the Universe. I am ready to embrace them and discover them. I welcome wisdom and guidance on how to proceed, and the very next steps I should take in all circumstances. I now focus on the moment and the things in front of me, taking one step at a time, one day at a time. I release my need to be in control of every outcome and instead become flexible in my responses, actions and plans. I welcome unexpected blessings and the variety and possibility they present in my life.

I put away my fearful past, and welcome my courageous now! For my doubt, I will now embrace gratitude. For my fear, I will now act on faith and surround myself with thoughts and activities that strengthen and enliven me. For my passiveness, I will now face each incident and action unblinkingly, speaking from an assured place within me.

I am ready to live the best that is within me. Show me the way.

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One Response

  1. “comfortable chaos rather than uncertain pleasure” NAILS IT.
    thank you for your wisdom. lovely prayer.

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