GIVE: Activating Spirit – The Decade of the Butterfly

GIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Dr. Pennie Murray

The Decade of the Butterfly

© 2010 Dr. Pennie Murray

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” —Rabindranath Tagore

Purple Butterfly

Photo Credit: Cary Wolinsky

Nobody told me this, and it’s certainly not science, but in the world according to Pennie, I deem this New Year The Decade of the Butterfly. In other words, “the decade of spirit resurrection”— change, celebration, and new enthusiasm.  There — now it’s done!

But seriously, the Butterfly is a universal symbol of change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, new love, and the soul. In Ancient Greece there was a mythical woman of beauty named Psyche who was often portrayed with the wings of a butterfly. The name or word Psyche with its Greek origin means both “butterfly” and “soul.” In our society, we accept psyche to mean “the mind, soul, or spirit.” In psychology, the psyche is the center of thought, feeling, and motivation. Consciously and unconsciously, the psyche directs our reactions in response to our social and physical environment.

Maya Angelou wrote,We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Like the butterfly, our life’s journey has led us through countless turns, shifts, and conditions where we have experienced many metamorphoses. I can honestly say my psyche has experienced the life cycle of a butterfly many times—and I’m sure it will experience the process of being transformed many times more.

For more times than I care to recall, I have been in my chrysalis stage looking out at the world feeling as though I was stuck in a perpetual condition of restricted movement and limited resources. And like the caterpillar, just when I thought I would have to accept my shell of mediocrity or even the death of my dreams and ambitions, my mind and spirit became a butterfly — and I emerged with greater intent and determination.   For many the chrysalis stage represents a place of rejection, lack and denial. But in actuality, our psyche knows when it needs renewal and will move to this contemplative state, isolating our mind and spirit from the turmoil and distractions of everyday life in order to transform and refocus us. Within the chrysalis stage, the growth and differentiation of your spirit occurs.

If you choose to GIVE yourself permission to embrace this New Year as the beginning of your spirit resurrection, know that your psyche will follow the life cycle of a butterfly. Your mind and spirit will change from its modest state of being, to the chrysalis stage, where you’ll swear that God is against you. And with almost no warning, you will experience the emergence of a magnificent opportunity to breathe new energy into your life, love and success. Go ahead GIVE your psyche a chance to soar—By the Spirit.

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  1. So needed to read this. Thank you thank you thank you.

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