GIVE: Activating Spirit! – New Year 2010

GIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Dr. Pennie Murray

“I Wish You Courage in This New Year!”

Exhale … and Activate!

Let’s all say WHEW! Now take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

This past year of extreme loss, change and uncertainty has provided a New Year abound with possibilities like no other year before it. Why? Because in a strange way, “loss” of any kind erases a portion of our life canvas and presents an opportunity for us to redefine or redraw our mindsets, our lives and our intentions. For over a year now, I’ve been asking God and the Universe to give me the courage to fulfill my purpose.

A few days ago, while again asking for courage to manage the new direction that the horizon of this New Year has definitely presented, I realized I was asking for the wrong thing. I didn’t need courage, because it already dwelled inside me—my inner spirit had already given it permanent residency. What I lacked, and really needed to ask for was the ability to embrace, trust and act upon my internal courage in a manner that would allow me to live up to my purpose and defend it at any given time.

I’ll be honest; this whole thing of “embracing, trusting and acting on your inner courage” requires a higher level of spirit consciousness. It can be done, but here’s the glitch. If you’re like me, you’ve been mentally, spiritually and emotionally conditioned to look outside yourself for confidence and motivation. But if you still yourself and listen, you will hear the Spirit saying it’s time to turn our gaze inward for what you seek.

This year, instead of making another traditional unfulfilled New Year’s resolution (decision or promise); I decided to work on achieving a New Year’s evolution (a plan of steady growth and development) —first in my heart and mind, and then to my life as a whole. You know, King Solomon’s constant prayer to God, in layman’s terms, was that he be blessed with an understanding mind and a hearing heart. This New Year, not only do I pray for you and I the same, but above all, I also wish you courage in this New Year, and pray that you choose to make a New Year evolution instead of empty resolutions.

During this time of immeasurable change and opportunity, give yourself permission to go within and redefine your life, mentally, spiritually and emotionally—I dare you!

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